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What I Wore 04: Dinner Downtown

Friday, May 27, 2011

It was so hot here yesterday. I wore a black shirt and the world's tightest skirt to work and I was dying. My hair was crazy and I was sweaty and it just wasn't pretty. As soon as I got home I put on a stretchy dress and pulled all of my hair as far away from my body as possible.

Then Rob and I walked downtown for dinner to meet my parents, brother, his girlfriend and my friend Emma.

This outfit is perfect because basically, it was free. Well not really. But close.

Necklace: Target
Dress: Old Navy
Belt: Goodwill
Wallet: Hobo

Now let's play "Where's Megan?" It's like Where's Waldo, but bluer.


  1. You look so fresh! ugh..I cut my hair shorter, so I could wear my hair down, but this Texas heat just doesn't help with that!

    The graffiti photos are so cute!

  2. What a great summery dress! Very versatile!

  3. stop. you're so adorable. i'm super jealous every time you post one of these - you have the best outfits. You look so cute for such a hot day...can't even imagine what it feels like down there right now...

  4. oh, the dress looks really comfy! I'm getting my hair cut short for summer again.

  5. I love those last pics. That graffiti is cool!!

  6. I love the outfit pictures with the graffiti. You seriously look like you dressed to match it! Also, you look lovely, even if it is ridiculously hot.

  7. Love, love love this outfit!! I want a dress just like that for summer. You are so adorable.

  8. Wow I love that dress, and the sign that matches you! :D

  9. you are so freakn' cute!!! I am so excited I found your blog today! I can't wait to go back and read your older post. I would be honored if you would visit my blog and tell me what you think. I am also having a giveaway you should enter.

    Thank you


  10. That is the cutest dress! I love it!

  11. You look great...i m die hard fan of you and your outfits...


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