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What I Wore 13: Autumn Sundress

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

This is my new favorite outfit. 
It's perfect for those crisp, fall days that are still a little warm and sunny.

Dress: Urban Outfitters
Chinese Laundry Belt: La De Da
Nine West Boots: Macy's

I really like it when an outfit is composed of mostly older items and just one new thing. It makes me feel like I'm saving money on a brand new outfit, even though in reality I just spent money on a brand new dress.

I bought this belt several years ago. I wear it with dresses a lot, but when I was buying this new dress at Urban the other day, I compulsively bought a new belt to go with it. I got home and tried the dress with my old belt and realized that not only did I not need the new belt, I didn't even want the new belt. Which is sort of a big deal.

So I went back the next day and returned it. I didn't even buy anything else while I was there! It was a miracle. Oh, and on my first visit, I was all "Hey do you think this stain on the back right here will come out in the laundry? This dress is the only one left in my size," and the guy at the cash register was all "I don't know for sure but why don't I just go ahead and take off an additional 10% of the original price of this already discounted item?"

Thanks, bro!


  1. Cute outfit! And I totally agree that it's the best feeling when you can combine the things you already had to make a new look :) You look awesome.

    LOVE additional discounts too...nothing better than that in the shopping world!

  2. cute outfit! i love the boots! and i love your bangs! i wish i could pull straight across bangs off

  3. looking cute! I love the color combination in this outfit.

  4. I always combine old and new and I completely agree with you - it makes the whole outfit feel new! I LOVE the boots :) & the whole outfit actually! Love Louise xxx

  5. I adore everything about this outfit, the pink skirt, belt, shoes. LOVE! You look great. I'm a new follower!

  6. You look so cute! And I love the boots with it. Adorable :)


  7. you look so pretty and so happy, megan :)

  8. I came across your blog via Learning Patience. Love this outfit! The belts and boots make it so fierce.

  9. ANything with boots, and I'm sold. You are, as usual, quite adorable.

  10. I just spent way too long on Urban looking for this dress. Anything pink and white.


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