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Chicken and V-Necks // A Weekend With My Brother

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Most of the time, when I have visitors in Charlottesville, I take advantage of all the awesome restaurants that are within walking distance of my apartment. When my brother comes to town, though, we act the way our family raised us and we cook up a little storm. We roasted a chicken for dinner with grilled broccoli and then the next day I made soup and he made homemade noodles for it and we put together some of the best salad you've ever had.

And then we had a little Sunday photo shoot before he left.

Love you, Sean.


  1. Fun weekend! I made the exact same thing last week (roasted a chicken and then soup the next day). It was so good! And super easy. I'll probably be doing it again soon!


  2. Aw you two are wicked cute! Whenever I visit my brother and sister in Colorado we are hugeee on staying in and making big meals.

  3. You guys look like you're having so much fun together! And you can cook some seriously delicious looking food.

  4. so you are totally the twin of zooey -- which i am sure you hear daily. but it's true girl! -- now you just need to make up your own song! ha.

    but you & your bro are adrobs. i can't wait for my younger brother to get a little bit older & we do these kinds of things. until then...

    but i really enjoyed meeting you on sunday!

    my unrehearsed life

  5. you little fancy kids, making food. i love it. i also love the photoshoot. brothers are the best.

  6. Your brother looks like a cool kid and really reminds me of my older brother Sean too haha! brothers are the greatest.


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