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Weekend in Photos // Dickens of a Christmas

Sunday, December 18, 2011

My "weekends" in Roanoke are always a blur, because they aren't really weekends; they're just Friday nights. 

Rob and I drove through the rain on Friday afternoon and got to my parents' house around 3:00. It was freezing and rainy the whole time. My mom had tea at the ready. I forgot that I hadn't seen their house all decorated yet and it was such a pleasant surprise. Let me tell you, my parents' house at Christmas is a special kind of wonderful.

We went downtown for dinner and to walk around Dickens of a Christmas, which is sort of a tradition.

Friends, family, food, dogs dressed up in funny clothing, and lots holiday fun. 
What else do you need around Christmas?

PS Giveaway tomorrow!


  1. Gorgeous! Wow, your family really knows how to go all out for Christmas! And you take absolutely gorgeous pictures! LOVE that one of Rob driving.

  2. Amazing! Your parent's tree is absolutely stunning :) T and I had plans to head to Roanoke Friday night but ended up having other plans come up. Too funny! Would have been awesome to run into you! xoxo, eliza

  3. These pictures are lovely. And look at your parents' decorations! :)


  4. Those are wonderful pictures. Is it sad that the one of the pup in the santa coat made me go "awww!"? Hah. Hope you have a fun holiday with your family!

  5. Oh my .... is that your parents house with that tree and that fireplace?! Can I come over?

  6. omg, that tree is the ish!!! p.s. i thought i was following via GFC but i realized today i was not...but i quickly rectified that!! whew!!



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