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Weekend in Photos // Homebody Edition

Monday, January 16, 2012

After the recent holidays, I feel like I've barely actually stayed at our apartment in Charlottesville for a weekend in weeks. But this weekend, we stayed put. We spent time together. I cooked a lot. And baked! Our apartment is spotless and amazingly, we managed to keep it that way. I've never been so proud.

I made breakfast. I went to work. We went out to lunch. I made dinner. We watched LOST. I read. I woke up early and worked on my thesis. I made breakfast again. Shawna and I went for another run--we're on a roll! And then Rob and I spent Sunday evening in sweatpants with takeout from Buffalo Wild Wings. He watched a football game on television and I looked on from my computer. Then the Red Carpet coverage of the Golden Globes happened, which reminded me that I care way too much about some celebrities. We then watched the awards, ordered some more food, and went to bed.

We were lazy this weekend. It was nice. Sort of the perfect way to spend the last weekend before Rob starts class again and our apartment building fills up with noisy undergrads returning from winter break for another semester. 

A weekend morning at home means I finally got to break out my new espresso maker.

Cutting carrots for beef stew.

Paleo-friendly Brownies. I can't stop eating these. Recipe courtesy of The Paleo Project.

Sunday morning productivity. Word document is open. Just doing a little research on Mean Girls.

Sunday morning procrastination. I made all this food for the two of us after I started getting antsy at my computer.

B-dubs on the couch and some football. Rob's really cute. I like him.

What did you do this weekend? Do you have work or school this MLK Day?
Happy birthday, Dr. King! 


  1. Sounds like a lovely weekend. I had a weekend in as well and it was glorious. Nothing beats sleeping in and then having a long and lazy breakfast.

  2. We had a thank you party at church as my hubby is leaving his job as youth worker - it was kinda sad but at the same time was so amazing and so many of our church friends were there to celebrate with us - even my parents came which was awesome.

    Yesterday was a little stressful but we survived and passed all the info onto our social worker so hopefully that's all going to be fixed - or at least resolved a bit.

    I live in the UK so no day off for me.

  3. i did the same thing! it was nice to just relax and stay put.

    plus it was too cold to go outside.

    how was the stew?

    i am week two on paleo attempt. it isn't too bad. but i am thinking i need to make those brownies. i need some chocolate in my life!

  4. I love staying in! I'm a total homebody and I don't mind one bit. *wink* Sounds like y'all had a fabulous weekend and I love how comfy cozy your place is! :D

  5. no joke...paleo breakfasts are the best!!! i was around the apartment a lot myself and quite productive, thankyouverymuch! love weekends like that.


  6. This weekend was super productive for us too. We mostly stayed in, except for a dinner out with the girls, and it was exactly what we needed. T goes back to school tomorrow and real life begins again! No more of this magical winter break {sad-face}...It's been so nice and quiet without our loud neighbors...Time for them to start playing "Who can make the most noise while walking down the stairs?!" :)

  7. What a great weekend you had! All of your photos are so nice, and that brownie looks delish!!

  8. All this food is making me hungry! And I just had breakfast!

  9. what a great and relaxing weekend. I have been on a full blown busy mode since the holiday's began in November. I cannot wait to have a mellow weekend with the boy. soon enough... soon enough. :]

  10. sounds like such a blissfully lovely weekend! x

  11. Sounds like a great productive weekend! I'm a homebody and looove to stay home when I can. :)

  12. Mmmm..expresso and brownies! Love!

  13. Robbie and I are seriously considering doing the Paleo diet! But if we do it, we want to actually do it, so we're still on the fence. You're the first person I'm coming to for recipes if we do! :)


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