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Whistling Far and Wee

Friday, February 17, 2012

It felt like spring again this week. 
It rained a little yesterday and left the smell of fresh-cut grass in the air.

[One of my favorite lines of poetry: "When the world is puddle-wonderful," from E.E. Cummings' in Just-.]

I wore a skirt with tights one day and left my jacket at home on purpose several times.

I'm not sure what's going on, but now I'm  hearing we might get snow this weekend. I'd normally be all for a nice little blizzard, but I've gotten a bit spoiled by this warmer weather, and I have exciting things planned for March. And with March comes spring. 

There's nothing I love more than the beginning of a new season. So let's just get to it.

[Photos: Scenes from around our apartment this week.]

Wishing you a mud-luscious weekend. 


  1. I love those owls!! They are too cute!

    It's been chilly & cold here recently...but I am determined that if i keep wearing just a cardigan it will get warmer..... It snowed the other day, just a bit, and it was lovely.

    (fun fact: I had shoes almost exactly like that for my prom one year!)

    Happy Friday

  2. pink tights! sparkly shoes! i'm in love :) and is that the candle that you were talking about buying? :):)

    also, I feel like a lot of your paleo recipes might go along with my gluten free needs? am I right? (drooling over that shrimp right now)

  3. Love those sparkly shoes and pink tights girl, super cute! Happy weekend! xoxo

  4. a. i love those shoes.
    b. the quote is pretty awesome too.
    c. SO pumped to get our drink on this weekend.

  5. Those shoes are simply adorable and that shrimp look delicious! Spring is the best season :)

  6. great pics...is that a candle in the last picture???


  7. I do love a bit of e.e. cummings. Great pics. It has been so mild here in London too ... not enough to dare to leave the coat behind, but apparently the frost is coming again ... NO!:(


  8. Love this pics! Happy weekend, lady!

  9. Apple Blossom sounds yummy!! And that food looks YUMMY!!

  10. I have those shoes! They aren't in as mint condition because I loaned them to a friend that wore them allll the time and was quite the walker lol


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