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Weekend | Life or Something Like It

Monday, March 19, 2012

[Willow Tree Chrysalis figurine, taken January 2011.] 

This weekend, I had to work. I didn't take pictures. I didn't go running. I was tired, and I started having weird pain in my left shin in the exact place where I once had a stress fracture and once broke it for real, so I spent some time being worried about that. I got mad at Rob for stupid things. Friday was the birthday of a friend who died last summer, and I cried. It was just one of those days where you say "It's been one of those days," but it wasn't one day, it was three.

I was reminded of this quote that I read and wrote down on a piece of paper and have held on to for almost four years:
"So this is why I write. Because most times, your life isn't funny the first time through. Most times, you can hardly stand it."
--Chuck Palahniuk, Almost California 

Sometimes, things are hard. And yet, I can always feel that there's hope just around the corner. I am reassured in the fact that I can sit here at my computer and tell you the truth. Because sometimes, people feel a little bit beat up by life, and it's not pretty, but it's okay. Because it's life and even when it's hard, it's good, and we're all in it together. Keep going.

Let's all have a good Monday and a week full of happiness. We deserve it.


  1. i love that you are able to find the positivity through these past few days :) keep your head up girl.

  2. I hope you have a much better week this coming week. Sending love your way!

  3. you're awesome for being so positive :) have a beautiful week and relax a little - you deserve it!

  4. When it rains it always pours, doesn't it? Hang in there :)

  5. you know what, you have to have days like that. they're what make the good days feel so...ya know...good! besides, whatever you got mad at rob for, he probably deserved it. at least, that's what i tell myself with kyle ;)


  6. You know, I really like that quote. It's going in my computer folder with the tips in it. I appreciate you and your insights.

    It's going to turn around. :)

  7. sorry about the rough weekend.
    we're all here for you!

  8. sorry you had a rough weekend. but this week will be better for sure! try and plan something special one night this week. A new restaurant or window shopping. always helps my mood

  9. at least you have a sweet man who brings you shopping when the shit hits the fan :) glad your days are getting better, sweetie :)

  10. ahh megan, you always write exactly what I need to read! Miss you so much. Next time we're both in Roanoke, let's get lunch. xo

  11. i had one of those day today, crying just seems like the only option. Tomorrow however, there will be no crying. Im not gonna let it get to me. Im gonna be positive and enjoy the marvelous day. I hope you can tooo.

  12. we all have days or weekends like that. some days we just feel like crying. and some days we just get mad at stupid things. but it always passes, and there is always tomorrow!


  13. That last paragraph totally resonated with me - it brought tears to my eyes! I'm certainly feeling a little beat up by life right now... but I'm learning that all I can do sometimes is breathe, have a good cry, and know that tomorrow is another day. And that's perfectly okay.

  14. You're such an eloquent writer, I love it. And aww, I hope this week, life feels a bit better and sunnier for you. =]

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