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Weekend in Photos // 10K + HSC

Monday, April 2, 2012

On Saturday morning, I managed to remind myself of all the reasons I love to run. There is something wonderful about being a runner. It's about constantly re-discovering just how strong you are. You go out there and run a race with 40,000 other people and really feel like part of a community, but when it starts to rain and your legs get tired and it hurts, all that really matters is you and that voice within that says you can still finish the damn thing, blow your goal time away, and make yourself proud. So that's what you do. I hope I never outgrow this thing that has become such a huge part of my life.

After our post-race brunch, showers, and respective nap times at Tina's apartment, Rob and I headed to Farmville to visit some friends at Hampden-Sydney. 

I woke up on Sunday morning and got in my car to drive the six miles down Back Hampden-Sydney Road, one of my favorite little drives to do alone in the morning. I always do the same thing: I play the same old Taylor Swift album, I roll the windows down, and I allow myself to be completely overcome with memories from college, like that drive between Longwood and Hampden-Sydney that Rob and I did so often that very first spring we were together. Then I get coffee.

This time, I made a friend. This dog came running up to me out of nowhere when I pulled over to take a picture of the road.

He gave me some kisses and then ran alongside my car for a while after I told him to go home.

I went to bed so tired on Sunday night, but so thankful for the chance to remember how important a few things are to me.

Life is good in the spring, isn't it?


  1. Now I wish I would be just a little more ambitious. I stopped running last year and feel so! out of shape. Really need to start again. Maybe you are the motivation I needed. Thank you! :)


  2. Aw, glad you're having a good time! Congrats for getting out to run. I love reading about your weekends - they inspire me to get more done during mine! Thanks for some inspiration on a Monday morning!

  3. You have such a pretty life :) And on top of that, you are so dang cute! I hope you had a blast and are wicked proud of yourself. I have a very similar road as you do - it's the back road in my home town, and I used to drive it whenever the seasons changed, then I had a perfect date off the road, and it's one of the first places I took T when we first got together. It's my place, and Taylor Swift is always right there with me when I drive it ;) xoxo! eliza

  4. congrats on a fun and succesful race. And I love the description of your drive, windows open, taylor swift blasting.... i do the same thing. taylor swift is a guilty pleasure of mine that always reminds me of high school actually.

  5. Really so proud of your race time! I'm definitely less enthused about running but I do love that sense of pride when I finish. Xo

  6. such a pretty dog. wish i had it in me to run a marathon.

  7. Running has never been my thing, I get so bored. But I always envy those that do run, and especially those that look cute while running! <3

  8. This first paragraph is perfection. I got a bit burnt out on distance running, so I'm switching things up these days. I don't think you could have described that race feeling better though!


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