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What I Wore 25: Fresh Produce

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I have been on a hunt for the perfect maxi skirt for a few months, so when Fresh Produce contacted me to review something from their clothing line, I was ecstatic to find that in their collection of skirts was, indeed, the perfect maxi.

They have a bright assortment of colors, but being Megan, I chose black so I could wear it with everything.
And I think I will.

I have a really cool maxi dress that I sometimes put a sweater over and pretend that it's a skirt, but with spring here and summer on its way, I need to be able to wear a tee shirt or tank top. A maxi skirt is the real deal, if you will. And I love it. This thing is comfortable and feels like pajamas while making it look like I really spent some time trying to get fancy for you. 

What It Seams Swing Skirt: c/o Fresh Produce
Top: J.Crew
Sandals: Steve Madden
Eye Liner: Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Pencil in Loveable Lilac
Lip Color: Wet n Wild Dollhouse Pink

Perfect maxi skirt, I am so happy I've found you. Let's stay together forever.


Author's Note: Fresh Produce gave me this skirt to review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 
If you would like to have a product reviewed on Freckled Italian, please send an email to 
megan [at] freckleditalian [dot] com.

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  1. Über cute. ps i made the crumble muffins but with blueberries bc i didn't have any blackberries...turned out so yum! thanks for the recipe. :)

  2. Wow, you are incredibly beautiful. That eye makeup and lipstick just make your entire face pop. And, high fives to another freckly girly :)

  3. love love LOVE your look here...the pink tee, the makeup, the skirt, just perfect!!!

    also, i think it's so kindred spirits of us that jenna also featured a maxi on her blog today and i nearly wore mine for work, but convinced myself it wasn't work appropriate, which i know think is absolute rubbish because despite being physically comfortable, it still looks like you've gotten all fancy, just like you said. so, maxi skirt tomorrow for me!


  4. ah used to seel fresh produce clothing in a store i worked in for years on an island. funny memories with that stuff... although I wouldn't typically call it my style of clothing, there were a few pieces I liked- and this skirt is reeally great, I bet its super comfy too. I found my perfect maxi skirt a few weeks back in a charcoal gray from pacsun of all places!

  5. Stop. That purple eyeliner? The best. You are the cutest. Love the skirt

  6. Maxi skirts are soooo great! It totally feels like you put no effort into getting ready, yet you end up looking so put together! Love it.

  7. You're so stinkin' gorgeous! LOVE that makeup.


  8. that is adorable. i need to find a couple of maxi skirts/dresses for summer. they are the perfect outfit in my opinion :)

    your lipstick looks awesome, btw :)

  9. that thing looks so.damn.comfy. jealous.

  10. so cute & so comfy!

  11. I love clothes which are like pajamas but still make you look like you put effort into getting dressed that morning. Awesome. :D

  12. I love this! Just clicked through to buy it, but it's slightly out of my price range. Very sad!

  13. Me too, I wish it was a tad cheaper, but if I can wear it a lot, the price is justified! Perhaps it can be a really cute work skirt!! Thanks for the review:)

  14. Your gorgeous!!! This maxi looks great on you and pink is def your color. I need to get something like this, as a mama who runs after her crazy active toddler it would be nice to have a skirt thats not only super comfortable but also one that I can chase him around in and feel girly and not have to worry about things showing that I don't want to show when I bend down to pick him up :-)

  15. oh my goddd obsessed with your makeup! beautiiifull

  16. I LOVE your makeup in this post! So pretty! Have you thought about doing a makeup tutorial?

  17. Love this! Totally ordering one!

  18. okay, you are absolutely adorable! and i'm kind of loving that you matched your lipstick with your shirt. perfect!!
    xo TJ


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