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A Room of One's Own

Thursday, May 3, 2012

I took the day off from work on Tuesday, knowing that I would be exhausted from a late night of driving after the Death Cab for Cutie show (which, by the way, blew my mind just as hard as I expected it to). Instead of wasting a day sleeping in and then sitting on the computer like I had originally planned, I decided to put some stuff in my car and drive to my parents' house for a day of unpacking and organizing my old room.

I'm sometimes impressed with my high-school self. For example, the above wind chime was picked out by a younger me, and it's just perfect. It hangs outside my bedroom's porch door and I love it so much. It's just right for its space.

I cannot say the same thing for my bookshelf.

Here it is, in all its disheveled glory. It's stuffed with books I don't read anymore and actual trash that hails from a world where I did not appreciate the perfection that is a built-in bookcase. So, I spent three hours emptying it and starting over.

It still needs some work, especially in the space that should be my desk, but at least what's there is alphabetized.


One of the oldest things in my house needs no improvement. Rocky hung out with me all day. 
I think he's only getting more awesome in his old age.

There's a lot to be said for growing up.
At least, that's what my dog told me.


  1. You've got this my friend =) Hang in there... and your dog is right, there's a lot to be said for growing up. =P

  2. There is indeed a lot to be said about growing up. I wish I could've appreciated the old room I had while I was still at my mom's house.

  3. I agree with your pup. Growing up is a strange deal but an enjoyable one for the most part.

    Looking back at my room in my parents house it is like an old piece of me is preserved in there. It's been cleaned up since I've been gone so it may be used as a guest room though. Still, the purple walls, bedspread, and desk are all me and it's strange to look at. Some days it's like I can't even remember that part of my life.

    I hope you have fun reorganizing and decorating. Sometimes having a fresh space can be awakening.

  4. When you go home, isn't there such a different feeling of security there. I was talking to my parents in law and they still think (at 50) that there is a feeling they get from going home that they can't get elsewhere. Also...my favourite types of before/after photos are of organization.

  5. Growing up is tough, my dear. Some days I wonder how in the world I got to where I am. Married, with a baby girl. Time goes by SO incredibly fast. You are right though, there is nothing like being home. You are incredibly organized by the way. I think I need to do a little organizing in my house. Want to come help? xo

  6. Sometimes there's nothing like going "home" for awhile :-)

  7. Beautiful view, I'm jealous!

  8. It looks beautiful! My room was turned into a guest room when I moved out and everything had to come with me, but there's still something about going home and going in my room... Something I probably will never quite grasp.

  9. I'm lovin the Norton Anthologies in the bookshelf :)


  10. I'd give anything to be able to walk back into my old room. My parents sold the house & we moved right before I graduate high school. I took a drive down by the old homeplace several years back only to find it had burnt down. So sad :(

  11. Nice! Do I spy hp on that bookshelf?

  12. I will come visit you there one day - how gorgeous! Did you grow up in that house? I also love that you have dolls :)

  13. I love your wind chime, and your tidied bookshelves. :)

  14. Your lucky you still dig the decor of a younger megan. I went home after college and was like "No No No No No, okay I'll keep this... and No!!!" My decor preferences change frequently, it's a problem.

  15. Love getting organized! It makes me feel so accomplished.

    Ps. I bought that maxi skirt from Fresh produce. I don't think I'm going to take it off until Fall. Thanks Lady!

    Have a great weekend!

  16. i have porcelain dolls too! my grandma would buy me them for like every Christmas and birthday i think so I have a zillion. No clue where they are though, not that I really care.

    buttt props for being productive after a late night. i am all for lazy days.

  17. Isn't it such an awesome/dangerous feeling to have room on your book shelves? It's awesome to have room for adding to a collection. As for the porcelain doll, I clearly remember a sleepover I had in middle school that one of the dares (after 3am) was that somebody had to stay locked in a certain bathroom in my house that had a lot of mirrors in it with a porcelain doll or two. That's my story.


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