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Life Lately According to Instagram (#3)

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

I'm feeling pretty uninspired, friends. But I haven't done an Instagram photo dump in almost two weeks and I kinda like them. It's been a weird couple of days, but I did have an interview with a pretty awesome company yesterday that I think went well. I thought for a minute or two about taking a few days off from the blog, but that just seemed so weird to me. I'm not going anywhere, but for now you just get photos. Here's what's been going on with me, according to my phone:

1. Rocky is getting photogenic in his old age.
2. Starting Les Miserables. It's huge.
(I can't help but be pretentiously unintimidated by the length since I've read Clarissa.)
3. We've had several rainy mornings. They're my favorite.
4. Made Melissa's Paleo Heart of Palm Dip and it was awesome.
5. Berries, almond butter, and nuts in homemade pecan milk.
6. Wore a sock bun to CrossFit and it stayed in place! Also, I'm a ghost.
7. Eggs and buffalo chicken sausage with some avocado for breakfast.
(I uploaded 5 and 7 to Jenna's Instagram Party. Use #showusyourpaleo to check it out.)
8. Finished re-reading The Great Gatsby. How good is that book?
9. Spent a few afternoons at home. I get more done when I actually get dressed.
10. Went to Charlottesville to pack a few more things and had to stop for coffee at Para.

So that's that! What's been going on with you? Rob comes home in eight days!
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  1. Lovely photos! Sometimes just going through some photos can lift your spirits a bit.

    Good luck on the interview! I hope you get the outcome you're wanting. :>

  2. Sounds exciting, hope you hear back with good news. The photos are making me feel so hungry, especially those eggs and avocado, they look delicious!
    Faye x

  3. your instagram dump is so much cooler than mine.

    and #5 inspired my breakfast this morning. gracias.

  4. they say a picture IS worth a thousand words, so...


  5. Ooh Les Mis! And I totally agree - i get more done at home when I actually get out of my pajamas xD

  6. I've been feeling totally uninspired (blog-wise) lately too. Hooray for easy posts! Love the sock bun and the lazy mornings. Happy Wednesday :)

  7. Sometimes pics are better than words!! I find many days I just don't have anything to say :)

  8. I just re-read the Great Gatsby last night. Such a good book.

  9. Your dog looks just like mine! I love it! I want to read Les Miserables so incredibly bad and Gatsby was such an amazing book. I loved it.


  10. So excited for the Gatsby movie to come out! Although I'm sure I'll be disappointed, because films are never as good as the books... But we'll see!

  11. I love your blog style. I'm a new follower. Please come say hello!


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