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Recipe: Bacon-Wrapped Dates

Friday, June 29, 2012

One of my favorite restaurants in the entire world is conveniently located in Charlottesville, Virginia. Mas Tapas has awesome sangria, fun margaritas, and some of the best food I've ever eaten; and because it's a tapas place, it's mostly Paleo without even trying.

Since I no longer call Charlottesville "home," I have been trying to re-create some of my favorite dishes from Mas' menu. I'm almost there with a goat cheese and artichoke dip, but it still needs work. The bacon-wrapped dates, however, I hit out of the park on my first attempt (if I do say so myself).

This is one of the easier and still most delicious things you could probably ever make. You don't have to do anything to either of the ingredients, because both ingredients are inherently perfect.

As many dates as you want.
As much bacon as you want.

1. Wrap a date in about half a piece of bacon.
2. Slide it onto a skewer. Be careful--don't get a splinter!
3. Repeat. I think three little bacon-wrapped dates on one skewer is perfect.
4. Bake at 400 degrees for 20-25 minutes, until bacon is cooked through and the whole bite is caramelized.

They're going to be really super hot, so give them a second to cool if you can. If not, just enjoy with caution! They're best when still quite warm. I like to wave them around like a magic wand and then just dig in.


  1. so good! bacon wrapped dates have been the hardest thing for me to give up since I switched to a vegetarian lifestyle.

  2. These are super yum!! We have bacon wrapped prunes for Christmas. They're called Devils on Horseback ;)


  3. I love bacon-wrapped dates! You know what I love even more? Bacon-wrapped prunes! Seriously, so good. But probably most bacon-wrapped things are.

  4. I loved bacon-wrapped dates! They are my mother's go-to appetizer. Yum!

  5. these sound amazing and so simple to make! definitely going to give this a try next time i have people round for dinner! have a lovely weekend :) xx

  6. I started Paleo yesterday! (I'm a whole 24 hours in.) After reading extensively about it, I really do think there is something to cutting out the grains and sugar, and I'm excited to see how I feel after a few weeks. LOVE bacon-wrapped dates. I lived in Spain for four years, and was actually thinking yesterday about how so much Spanish food was Paleo without trying or me even thinking about it. I've made these before and stuffed the dates with goat cheese and chopped almonds before baking. DELISH. :)

  7. oh.my.god. these look a.ma.zing. WHOA, thanks for the recipe!

  8. These look DELICIOUS. Pinning to my food board now.


  9. I'm not usually a big fan of dates, but these look delicious! Def pinning! Found you and Red, White, & You!

  10. Hi! Stopping by from the follower fest - it's nice to "meet" you. You have a lovely blog! Can't wait to read more with my morning coffee tomorrow :)
    Hope you'll stop by and share the love,


  11. have got to try this!

    visit nichollvincent.blogspot.com

    happy fourth!

  12. Just stopping by to say HI! Found your blog via Red, White and You. Looking forward to reading your future post.

  13. Yum, I've made these before! They're always a hit!

    Popping on over from the 4th of July blog hop.....I'm your newest follower and can't wait to read more!


  14. Visiting from Red White and You! I never would have thought to put these together, but I've got to try it!


  15. I'm drooling all over myself!! Goodness! Those look delicious. Have to pin them to my entertaining board. Thanks for partying with us! <3 Courtney BaxtronLife

  16. My mom does pineapple wrapped in bacon which is AWESOME, but this is definitely something that I'm going to have to try.

  17. Alicia KleppingerApril 14, 2013 at 6:42 PM

    If you can tolerate a bit of gorgonzola or other blue cheese, these are wonderful stuffed.


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