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Life Lately According to Instagram (#5)

Friday, July 20, 2012

1. At work I use a MacBook Air. Did you know I've never had a Mac before?
It's not nearly as impossible as I thought and I'm already sort of loving it.
2. Tuesday outfit, brought to you by Ann Taylor LOFT. 
3. Hit my first AM train on my way to the office already this week. 
Luckily I have a compulsive need to always be 10-15 minutes early to everything.
4. I impulsively bought this little succulent at the grocery store. I am so glad. He now lives on my desk.

This week, I've been coming home pretty much immediately after work, catching up with Rob and my family, eating dinner, trying to find the motivation to do some pull-ups or at least go on a walk, and then watching an episode of Game of Thrones (I just started last week and am obsessed) before I throw myself into bed, wishing there could just be another half hour in a day. I haven't found the time to do little things like paint my nails or read blogs or fold clothes that have accumulated throughout the week (you know, life things), but I think I'll get the hang of it soon enough.

I haven't been doing much tweeting lately, but I'm sure I'll make up for it on the weekends! Rob and I are off to Charlottesville for one more stay in our apartment before we throw our bed into the back of a truck, finally hand over the keys to the place, and close the book on that little chapter of our lives. I'm going to try to sit down and actually write something about that soon.

What have you all been up to? What are your plans this weekend? Fill me in!

Life Lately According to Instagram is a semi-weekly feature in which I showcase a few of my favorite Instagram shots from the past week or two. You can follow along with me all week if you'd like--just search for username @megan_flynn. (I'm thinking about turning this into a link-up. What do you think? Let me know!)


  1. Do you wear your hair straight very often? I almost always curl mine - but this picture of you makes me want to change it up.

    This weekend I've got a small town festival to hit up. Sunday I have to catch up on life things that I haven't had time for this week. Then, I will be heading out again.

  2. Good Luck with the rest of the move :) Have fun!

    xoxo, Emily

  3. good luck with the move!! this week has been a pretty long work week for me, but I'm excited for the weekend because it's my birthday weekend!!

  4. I was scared of getting a Mac because I thought it'd be hard too...totally not!
    I think the link up is a great idea!

  5. Enjoy your last few hours in the apartment! That feeling before you close the door for the last time is so strange...I remember that moment clearly from all the places I've lived! I'm glad the new job is keeping you so occupied - I hope you're learning a lot and loving it .. your work outfit looks adorable :) Also, I've been thinking about turning my semi-weekly instagram posts into a link up as well ... maybe we could partner a link up somehow? Let me know what you think! No pressure if you are already moving with plans :) Hope you're well and let's try to get together soon!
    xoxo, eliza

  6. I live two blocks from the train station, which is a blessing when I want to get into the city and a curse when I want to drive through town during the rush hour commute. Also, I just got Instagram and have been having endless fun playing with the filters. A link up would be lovely!

  7. Game of Thrones is the best! I am currently making my way through the books which are so wonderful and detailed too. George RR Martin really is the American Tolkien...anywho this a cool link to fuel your GOT passion - it's an awesome diagram of character relationships (there are some spoilers so wait until you're done with season 1 of the show). Enjoy! Love the blog!

  8. I like that you've already decided that your new purchase is a "he" - does he have a name yet?

  9. Ooh I just bought a very similar plant at Ikea. :) So cute!


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