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From Live-In to Long-Distance

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Our weekend was really nice. It started with a lazy Friday night at home. My parents had gone to visit my brother at school, so Rob and I sat on the back porch with my dog and drank red wine, snacking on sweet potato chips and goat cheese spread onto thick slices of salami.

After a morning of coffee and eggs, we got in the car to visit Sean on our way to northern Virginia. We stopped for lunch in Farmville and I had a Bloody Mary and some wings before getting back in the car to go to Rob's brother Dan's house.

And then we woke up on Sunday and it rained. I drank coffee on the couch, snuggled under Rob's arm as we watched previous episodes of Girls and then a documentary by Stephen Hawking. Blanket, boyfriend, a cool rainy morning--that's my kind of Sunday.

When we got to the hotel where Rob will be living for the next month and a half, I felt overwhelmed. The place is beautiful and cozy, and I did not want to drive four hours into the evening without him. But we've done this before, and we talk all the time, and I'll see him on Friday.

But damn it if I don't miss that guy already.


  1. You'll survive! Enjoy those times to yourself, relish in having your house to yourself and really work at having fantastic phone calls and wonderful weekends. I feel your pain, I've been there!

  2. i love your perfect last weekend together, hate the circumstances.

    one question: why is he living in a hotel room?

  3. Sounds like a lovely weekend! :)

    Am I odd for thinking long distance can be fun? For a little while, at least.

  4. It has to be tough but you all have done it before so you know it will be alright. At least you got a perfect weekend together first :)

  5. man, that is tough. but I'm with Elaine - there are silver linings to long distance! reunions are just that much more fun, for one thing :)

  6. :( I've been there girl...(apparently a lot of us have!) You will get through it with phone, skype, and extra spicy reunions!!

  7. waaaaaaah. ROB COME BACK. I need to plan my next DC trip like NOW. Also - i am in love with the dark hair.

  8. aw rob!!! i bet he misses you too!! should i invite him over for dinner this week??? i can make him watch girls too!


  9. Aww you're so cute! I've been missing my man too! He's been in Bolivia for the past week and a half! I'm looking forward to Friday a little more than usual THIS Friday! He'll be home! Woo!


  10. I know exactly how you feel. My husband has been leaving on Sunday afternoon and coming home Friday night for the past twenty years. Last month he was in Australia for four weeks straight. We manage to talk every night, even if it is only long enough for him to say, "I can't talk tonight, babe, I love you, bye!" Some days, that's enough. Other days we talk for thirty minutes. Every Saturday is date day...nothing comes before date day! Point being, long distance is not the end of the world. You have a rich, full life of your own, the time will fly by.

  11. awww that's so sad that you'll miss him! we went through long-distance, too. I was in Russia, he was in South Korea teaching English. For a year. ugh.. I hope you get to see each other before too long!
    ps: we're having a surprise painting giveaway on our blog this week - you're invited! :-)


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