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Friday Favorites (05)

Friday, September 28, 2012

[Fall weekends mean scarves and hard cider.]

It's Friday! I have lots of links for you today. Here are some things I've loved recently:

Someone please buy me this dress. I'll wear it all the time, I promise!

I can't even think about this video without laughing. My college roommate, Caroline sent it to me a few days ago because we used to watch ridiculous stuff like this all the time and would quote it for weeks. He barfed on a sailor like a pig!

Such a lovely poem by Jenna.

I wrote a book review for Drawl Magazine. You can read it here.

Have you registered to vote yet? You better!

Gina made some awesome apple butter and I can't wait to make some, myself! Her beautiful photos don't hurt, either!

I loved this post about The Big Bang Theory. I hate that show. But it's nice to read such a a very smart, very honest piece about something so popular.

This weekend is your last chance to get a sponsorship spot on Freckled Italian in October! Check it out.

I think Indie Maven has such a great idea behind it.

Melissa made me smile with her awesome list of things her 21-year-old-self would be embarrassed to know about her 28-year-old-self. I'm only 24, but I do plenty of things already that would embarrass my 21-year-old-self!

You can enter to win a pair of Louboutins here. JUST THOUGHT YOU SHOULD KNOW!

I'm meeting Rob in Charlottesville after work, and he's going to drive me to DC because I've been traveling so much lately! We had originally planned to spend the weekend together in Roanoke, but he's actually moving out of the hotel today and into an apartment with some work friends! So to Arlington we go! What do you have planned this weekend?


  1. the book you reviewed sounds intriguing...synthetic organs? i could get on board with that.

    also, we can totally make that apple butter recipe as the filling to our "cereal" bars that we're making TOMORROW!!!! can't wait to see you!!


  2. that dress is so pretty! get ittt.

    have fun this weekend! A little road trip with the bf sounds nice.

  3. Okay, first I have to say you SHOULD wear that dress every day. Absolutely adorable. I'm also planning to make apple butter, I just bought the ingredients yesterday.
    Then I got to the review of "The Big Bang Theory" and violently disagreed with the reviewer. I stopped reading as soon as she made her case she couldn't relate to anyone but Penny and didn't seem to think anyone else could, either. My husband and I have watched this show together every Saturday when he gets back in town. It is the first show we watch. Every week. We do relate to all the guys. We see our relationship mirrored in every relationship on the show. I am a Penny, and my husband is a Sheldon, a Leonard, a Howard, and sometimes even a Raj. And I love Amy Farrah Fowler. She is hysterical. I relate to her, too. I have the mind of a thwarted engineer in a Penny exterior. I also have a little of Bernadette in me. My husband and I laugh out loud so often that we have to rewind to catch what we missed because we laugh over the dialogue.
    That said, I hate Honey BooBoo, but I watch it because my daughter does and I want to understand why she finds it appealing. I watched every single episode of "The Girls Next Door" for the very same reason. And even though I couldn't relate, I knew for some reason my daughter did...at least at the time!
    I have to wind up now because my lunch guest is here! She's a redneck cowgirl, but who's sterotyping!

    1. I would wear it if I owned it!

      I'm sorry you didn't like that article--I found it really interesting!

      Hope you had fun at lunch--Melissa and I had fun at our lunch! Love your hair!!

  4. Happy Friday! Thanks for sharing, you're so sweet. The reminder to vote and the apple butter recipe are equally important. Is that ok? XOX

  5. I've been reading up on paleo and came across your blog and read a few things so when I came across this:


    I thought of you because you mentioned larabars, they contributed over half a million to stop prop 37 :/

    1. OHHH what a bummer! Thanks for the heads up, and thanks for reading!

    2. right?! All these great organic companies get bought out by mega corporations. It sucks that it's basically our money that we spent trying to eat healthy going into laws that don't care about keeping people healthy. Sigh.

  6. I love this! I just went and read Melissa's post and loved it! So true. All of it.


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