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Sprightly So Giveaway

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A special word from Abbey:
"Now through January 1, 2013, 10% of all purchases will go to a family friend's daughter, Maari. She is 9 years old and fighting cancer-- a brain tumor to be exact. All without insurance, because their insurance company will not cover costs of treatment. I am also selling a special Hope necklace where 80% of the proceeds go directly to her (the other 20% is strictly to cover the cost of materials). Thanks for your help and support!"


  1. I like the "Love" necklace and the "XO" necklace! Adorable

  2. I love the initial necklace! my collection of k necklaces keeps growing.

  3. super cute! i need a new necklace.


  4. what a lovely giveaway! love the dew drop earrings, so pretty and chic xx

  5. The Quite the Duo necklace is so cute!

    The Tiny Heart

  6. I would die for the vintage 1948 copy of Huck Finn. Regardless of the giveaway, I am probably going to end up purchasing it :)

  7. If the lucky pendant weren't sold out, I'd go with that, my other favorite is the love necklace too!


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