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Friday Favorites (08)

Friday, October 26, 2012

This week has felt so strange to me--I felt so anxious! I even thought about turning my car around yesterday on the way to work so I could go home and get back in bed. I just felt like taking naps. But I worked through it and even managed to run really fast and for a long time a couple afternoons this week, and I made a recipe I was really proud of, so I can't really say that I've had a completely off week. Is it a full moon or something? I even had only one cup of coffee yesterday!

Either way, I wanted to share a few things that made me smile this week. Hope you enjoy them.

[Rocky is totally in his element when on a boat.]

Fairy Tales for Twenty Somethings. The Tinkerbell one is especially good.

Robyn is such a world traveler--sometimes it kind of takes my breath away!

Did you know that foxes love marshmallows?

My friend Jenna introduced me to Audible, and now I'm actually looking forward to driving four hours this evening!

Please look at these photos of these sweet dog friends.

I love getting a little peek into the lives of my blogger friends, like this one from Eliza.

I've been using my Cuppow! this week and it's awesome.

Another gorgeous post from Sam--On Hope (And How).

I'm off to see Rob in Northern Virginia this evening--I haven't actually been there at all this month, so it will be nice to get away. We're going to a Halloween thing on Saturday, which will be fun because we actually met at a Halloween party four years ago! What are you up to this weekend? Happy Friday!

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  1. ha I love the Cuppow. Mason jars are my (and every other quasi-hipster's) fave.

    The Fairy Tales for 20 somethings site is hilarious.

    And I love that you guys met at a Halloween party. Too cute. What were you then and what will you be now?

  2. Thanks for sharing Robyn's blog! I am going to Africa next spring and her blog gives me an idea and puts me in the mood for my great trip!
    And no one can get enough of doggy pictures! WHILE you are reading adult fairytales ...love how this Friday is going!
    Have a great time with Rob this weekend!

    1. thanks rebecca. uganda should be high on your 'places to visit' list...hope you get to go there-it is a wonderful country.

  3. You were right, Tinkerbell was the best one!

  4. It has been a crazy week for me, too! I knew today when I overslept I should have just stayed in bed. But, I'm ready for the weekend!


  5. OMG, that fox is so beautiful!!! The fox is one of my totem animals. :)

    Also, I know that anxious feeling you described. HATE IT!!! But... That's what Klonopin and napping is for. :P

  6. ohhh thank you megan! was in dubai for a long weekend-so just saw this now. hope you are having a super weekend with rob.


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