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What I Wore 37: Sunday Stroll

Thursday, November 8, 2012

 I have almost no words for how wonderful days like this one are--
walking down a leafy street with Rob by my side.
Sometimes I just feel like I belong in Richmond.

I would normally wear this shirt with some black leggings, no makeup, and my hair in an insane top-knot on a Sunday afternoon but, you know, we had to meet people for lunch.

Necklace: J.Crew
Shirt: Everlane
Pants: (a birthday gift from Rob!) Fox Head
Watch and Bag: same as always (Fossil and Coach, respectively).
Boots: super old (from Macy's, though).



  1. I need more skinny pants. This is totes my style. But first I need thick stockings to wear under the pants because IT'S SNOWING!!!!!! In NY at least.

  2. love your outfit!! you are so darling. You are hands down my most favorite blog to come to. Thank you for such great posts all the time. Happy week to you!!


  3. You look so pretty! Love the color of these pants, too.

    Life Unsweetened

  4. Nature with natural Girl, you are looking so innocent in these pic.

  5. One of my favorite series of photos of you. I have this exact shirt so I feel even better about it. But there is something about the dark curled hair and these green colors on you that just look so right. Beautiful!

  6. Beautiful! :) Rob picked out these pants? Boy has good taste! xoxo, eliza

  7. i just cant get over how gorgeous you are!

    I have plenty of shirts that i use for the no make-up/lounging days that get major play at the office too. but shhh... no one needs to REALLY know that. :]

  8. You're just so gorgeous, like candy covered in chocolate for my eyes. You would look perfect in any setting!

  9. well i'm not gonna say anything about your stunning good looks that hasn't already been said, but let's face it: you look incredible! i want to make a joke about rob buying you pants, thus you wear the pants in the reltaionship or some such thing, but it's just not coming together. so anyway, there's that.

  10. You look like such a woman in these pictures. I know that's a creepy thing to say, but I've been noticing that sometimes I still totally feel like I look like a little girl, and sometimes I look like woman. It's a weird thing, this growing up.

    But you, my dear, look like a grown ass woman.

  11. You may have just convinced me to purchase an Everlane shirt! Love them but haven't taken the plunge...

  12. Oh my goodness! You are too gorgeous. this outfit is perfect too, teal and tan is a great color combination :)


  13. ok, you are the perfect specimen of woman, is that creepy?! you look LOVELY.


  14. This is so gorgeous. I'm a new follower from SOML. So excited to read more of your posts. :)



  15. Love the teal pants!


  16. I want to move into the house with the turquoise shutters and the ivy! and you have color coordinated with that beautiful building perfectly. well done, my friend.

  17. I loveeee this outfit - & your hair looks gorgeous :)


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