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Want to Hang Out with Me in January?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Attention, all friends and readers within driving distance of Richmond, Virginia! My brother's band, She's a Legend, is headlining a show in Richmond on January 11th. Rob and I are going to be there and I'd love it if you could come and say hi!

Tickets are $8, unless you order them on The Canal Club's online ticket center, and then for some reason they're $11, so just send me an email if you'd like to purchase some and we can set you up! 
You can also get them at the door on the night of the show for $10.

Take a listen and learn more about She's a Legend here.
And let me know if you plan to come in January!


  1. Wish I was closer! Are they coming to Boston at all?

    xo, Kenzie


  2. Oh! January 11th is my birthday and I'm 12 years old and still get excited when I see it written. Anyway, I hope you have fun!!!


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