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What I Wore 41: Poshlocket and Purple

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The morning after a big event has a very distinct feeling to it. I'm not talking about the nauseated headache that follows a few too many vodka tonics--I mean the feeling you get when you wake up after getting really dressed up and having a really good time dancing the night away.

My feet always hurt, my voice is a little weak from laughing and singing, and my hair is a little more voluminous than usual. On mornings like that, I sometimes like to put on my heels for a few more hours, grab my fancy clutch from the night before, and slap on some pretty jewelry for a fun lunch date. And then I come home and take a nap. That's exactly what I did yesterday. See? Look.

This awesome silk blouse was a Christmas gift from my parents. I love the color so much, and I can't wait to tuck it into a pencil skirt and wear it to work soon!

I'm having my first rose gold experience with these earrings and necklace from Poshlocket, and I must say I don't hate it! I love how delicate the wishbone design is, and the warmth of the rose gold is just too sweet. Maybe it will bring me luck and granted wishes in 2013? Either way, I'm really excited to be working with Poshlocket this month!

Necklace, Earrings: c/o Poshlocket
Top: J.Crew (similar one here)
Jeans: Ann Taylor LOFT
Shoes: Jigsaw London
Nail Color: OPI Give Me Moor! + Wet n Wild Wild Shine in Hallucinate
(The latter was given to me by my friend Whitney.)
Lip Color: NARS Woman in Revolt 
(Given to me by my friend Lauren-I have nice friends!)
Clutch: Lauren Merkin (gift from Rob)


  1. I'm pretty much loving everything about these photos - the nail polish, the top and the necklace is gorgeous! I'm telling myself not to click on the link because I don't need to buy. another. thing.

    Happy 2013!

    1. Thanks Lindsay! CLICK IT! I love all of their stuff. Happy New Year!

  2. Such a cute outfit! You are adorable!


  3. LOVE that blouse - the colour is perfect!

  4. that purple is great on you! unexpected, but very regal :)

  5. newest follower to your blog! (GFC)
    I found you via Eat Yourself Skinny and am so glad I did. Your blog is awesome!!
    Looking forward to following your posts.

  6. i love everything about this outfit!! the color looks amazing on you! xo

  7. I love the color of that blouse on you- and the necklace is adorable as well!

  8. You're stunning :) Can we talk all things Paleo sometime soon? xoxo, eliza

  9. This is gorgeous and I love the necklace! Can't wait to here more about your work with Poshlocket!

    X Kenzie


  10. Well you continue to look beautiful in 2013, in case you were worried! I give you credit for even getting out of bed on January 1st.

  11. My love affair with Rose Gold and Purple is out of control...so obviously I love everything about this post!

  12. This is beautiful Megan! I love purple and rose gold and combining the too is amazing!

  13. LOVE that color on you! So pretty :)

  14. That's great color on you! I love getting new clothes for Christmas (especially new clothes I actually like and want to wear immediately!).

  15. Purple is always a good idea :)
    You look flawless!

    Much Love,
    Eat Cake

  16. This outfit is literally perfect! The color, the accessories... everything!

  17. Super cute, Freckles! I love the extra-voluminous hair the day after, too! It's like a free gift with purchase! It lingers on...

  18. That top is such a pretty shade of purple and it really pops. Oh and that necklace is so cute! I just checked out that website and I really like their jewelry! I definitely think I'll be ordering from them soon!

  19. Beautiful outfit! I love the jewelry and that top color is awesome. So super cute!

  20. look at those nails! they match your clutch!

    so glad we were able to hang this week! it was such a lovely surprise!!

    happy new year friend!

  21. The color of your new top is so pretty on you! What a great gift! Those wishbone earrings are adorable too. Do you have a conch piercing on that ear too? Because it looks super cool and I want to get one soon.

  22. I'm in love with this outfit. And the wishbone necklace! So beautiful! The purple looks great on you.

  23. love the pops of color!



  24. The color of the blouse is truly cool & it looks great on you.

    Women's Shoes

  25. Megan you are so beautiful and have a gorgeous smile :) I'm kind of really enjoying looking at your blog posts~I'm afraid I won't be able to get off here. hah!

    I have a question though~Is your hair naturally slightly wavy? Or do you wave it yourself? I have VERY thick and lots of hair and it's hard to wave it consistently because it takes ohhh about forever to do it?! :P


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