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Friday Favorites (21)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Hello from the Twin Cities! I hope it's warm where you are, because it certainly is not warm here. I left beautiful, sunny Virginia (pictured below, obviously) in flip flops yesterday for snowy Minnesota--luckily I packed some real shoes! I'll take a little bit of snow, though, to spend a long weekend with Rob.

Here are some links to get you through this Friday (there are a lot this time!):

Food and Drink
My friend Jonny opened a coffee shop in Charlottesville! (He used to make me those pistachio milk lattes I'd go on and on about.) Read about the new shop here and like them on Facebook.
This post was both informative and hilarious.
Game of Thrones-inspired cocktails: parts onetwo, and three.

I don't know if I agree with every word this writer said, but the notion that "long distance relationships mean always getting to say hello" is a nice one.
Beautiful thoughts on why a literature Ph.D. is not a waste of time.
How Not to Say the Wrong Thing. This makes so much sense.

Cute Things
This little animal family warmed my heart.
I need this dress for everything.
This bathing suit is gorgeous.

Religion and Faith
Study shows that belief in an angry god is related to poor mental health...I'm looking at you, Westboro Baptist Church.
Please read and sign this petition.
I love these words by Donald Miller. (Thanks, Meg, for reminding me of them.)

Beautiful words from Thought CatalogThe Marathon

Blog Friends
Anna's new job sounds so fun.
Sandra is hosting a fun giveaway this week!
Robyn is right, it is important to think of the beautiful things in life.

And finally,
(I just about squealed when I learned that he has a new collection of essays coming out this month. I can't wait to get my hands on a copy!) 


Wishing you a happy weekend!


  1. So great to read the 10 touching acts of kindness at Boston.have a lovely weekend,keep warm x

  2. Such great links! (And David Sedaris has another collection coming out? Sweet! :D)

  3. That Ring Theory article makes total sense. I never though it of it that way. Yes to Donald Miller, almost always. The people who opened their homes in Boston make me want to be a better person.

    And that's it :) I hope you and Rob have a fun weekend full of all the things you missed about each other.

  4. so excited about david seadaris. i love him SO much! have a great weekend in MN :).

  5. The anti-vegan post is pretty annoying... especially where it says that in order to get enough protein, a vegan would end up looking like a hippo from consuming so many calories. I don't think I look like a hippo, and I must get enough protein, as I'm currently building some killer muscles, sans soy products. I get the point the author makes, and I agree that everyone should check their facts, but the nasty name-calling was a definite turn-off.

    xoxo Anni

    1. Oh Anni, I'm sorry you were offended by that. I really didn't get that from the post--it was snarky in tone, yes, but I didn't find it to be over-the-top mean or anything--or I never would have linked to it.

      What I took from the whole hippo part of it was that humans and other animals are very different in their eating strategies and we aren't designed the same way a hippo is.

      That's all! Again, I'm sorry!

    2. Oh, Megan, I definitely didn't mean to sound like I wanted/expected an apology! I knew you weren't trying to be offensive or anything; I just wanted to present an opposing viewpoint to the article itself. :) (And I wasn't even offended by the article, since I've heard that stuff before; I've even had a student say "all vegans are fat, lonely chicks" without knowing that he was saying it to a vegan- lol.)

      It's all good. I just wanted to make sure that people knew that while the article was intended to be (and in places, was) funny, it really wasn't presenting a steadfast truth that should be taken 100% seriously. :)

      I still love your blog and check it daily! ;)

      xoxo Anni


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