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Memorial Day Weekend

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

We had a wonderful time in Northern Virginia this weekend. Sean and I stopped by Charlottesville to get pistachio milk lattes from Shark Mountain before picking up his friend Carmen, and then we met Rob and all relaxed together at the hotel before the rehearsal dinner. Our family friend Shannon got married on Saturday and the wedding was beautiful, the reception was so fun, and the next few days were relaxing.

Tons of friends and family were seen and hugged, and Rob and I got another long weekend to bask in the glory that is being newly engaged. And it's always good to have lunch with Melissa and Kyle. I think work is going to be a little rough for me these next few days!


  1. I don't know how I missed that you're engaged - CONGRATS!! Your ring is gorgeous xoxox.

  2. Love your pictures from the weekend! What a fun time to have with Rob, your friends, and family. :)

    BTW, I'm growing my hair back out and seeing your pictures keeps me motivated! Mine honestly isn't even that short, but it'd to the point where I'm tempted to cut it again...All that to say, your hair is gorgeous!


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