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What They Wore: Wedding Season, Part Two (Cont'd)

Friday, May 31, 2013

Welcome to a special edition of What I Wore, featuring several of my favorite men!

After part one of What I Wore: Wedding Season, one of Rob's male friends asked me to do a men's version. What an idea! I was so excited to have a reason to try to get Rob in front of the camera, and with a May wedding coming up that would bring so many wonderful guys together, I couldn't wait to run the idea by a few more of them. Want to be a model for my blog?

They all said yes, and some were excited, and some even planned out their outfits extra carefully for it. They're so cute.

Dan, Father

Suit: Piattelli
Shirt: Van Heusen
Tie: Nautica
Sunglasses: Barton Perreina Halston
Watch: Cartier


Sean, Brother

Suit: Wilke Rodriguez
Shirt: J.Crew
Pocket Square: Club Room (at Macy's)
Tie Clip: Vintage 
Shoes: Cole Haan

Alex, Best Friend of Brother

Jacket: Ralph Lauren | Shirt: Brooks Brothers
Tie: Vineyard Vines (University of Richmond spider pattern)
Pocket Square: Cremieux
Pants: Perry Ellis | Belt: GAP 
Sunglasses: Ray-Ban

Rob, Fiancé

Suit + Shirt: Custom

Patrick, Best Friend

Suit, Shirt, + Tie (for the groomsmen): Jos. A. Bank

And let's not forget about Rocky, who couldn't make it to the wedding but looks damn good in a tie.

Tie: J.Crew


  1. Handsome men, all of them and damn cute in that bow tie, rocky!

  2. Gorgeous guys, all of them! I think Rob and Rocky are my favs, maybe Rocky nudges Rob to second place by a nose (or maybe a hair!)

  3. Aww, this is too cute xD Love it

  4. You're surrounded by well-dressed, handsome dudes!

  5. I have got to say Rocky is my favorite! Handsome lineup though!

  6. I have the same tie as Rob. One of my favorites :)


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