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On Planting Roots

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

When I first started my job last year, I impulsively bought a little potted succulent to place on my desk at work. I was standing in Kroger, and I don't remember what I had actually popped in to buy, but I remember that on the way to my car, I got caught in one of those torrential rain storms that seem to come out of nowhere from April until July in Virginia.

The succulent looked like a dinosaur. I'm not one to see a plant and think I have to have that, but I picked it up because it reminded me of a stegosaurus and made me smile, and because I was feeling really hopeful. It was summer, and Rob was home, and I was feeling less like a student and more like an adult (and enjoying the transition).

After about six months and too much watering and not enough natural sunlight, the soggy little succulent died. I took it from my office and stuck it in that magical windowsill, vowing never to water it again. The plant continued to die, but not before sprouting a hard, purple-ish little bud in between two grey leaves. I picked it off, abandoned the old plant, and placed the baby one onto new soil.

Lots of things have changed this year. I don't know if the new plant will thrive or struggle or walk the line between the two, but it's beginning to put down roots, and it's good.


  1. I love this! There are blogs with pretty pictures or cute crafts or recipes or things that are nice for pinning and though your blog certainly has those things, I always come back because I love the way you write. You are great!

    The Nectar Collective

    1. Thank you Melyssa! That means a lot to me!

  2. Mmmmmm....I have two faux succulents on my front porch, one planted in a concrete cowboy boot, and the other planted in a concrete cowboy hat. I used to have real ones but apparently my laziness prevents me from watering anything that doesn't live in the backyard. Fingers crossed your scrappy little survivor thrives (or survives) for a very long time.

  3. I love this, the sentiment and the photos. You write so beautifully.

    I know you're not looking for plant advice, but I can't help myself, I love succulents and they're pretty much the only plant I can keep alive. The secret: neglect. For a young plant like this, allowing the soil to dry out completely will force the roots to stretch to find water, making it grow. Water once every couple of weeks in the summer and once to twice a month in the winter, using a few drops of succulent-specific plant food every time. Give it lots of sun.

    (I hope it's ok that I left you unsolicited plant advice)

    1. No, thank you for the advice! I could use it, considering the fact that I killed this one's father!


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