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Life Lately According to Instagram (#21)

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Hello from the road! My brother, mom, and I left the house early this morning and are on our way to Minneapolis! While we're travelling today, I thought I'd show you a few glimpses from my last month in Virginia.

 1-2. Had lots of dinner dates with friends and played a lot of fetch with Rocky.
3-4. Went to the beach for a week with my family and Rob.
5-6. Visited our wedding venue together! Then I met with our florist to talk bouquets.
7-8. Figured out this cute outfit just in time for my last week, then spent my last Sunday at home lounging with Rocky.

I've been feeling a bit anxious about the big move the past few days, so now that we're on our way, I'm ready to just be there and start settling in! I miss my family and that cute dog of mine already.

How was your July?

Life Lately According to Instagram is a once-monthly feature in which I showcase my favorite Instagram shots. You can follow along with me in real-time if you'd like--I'm @megan_flynn.


  1. hope that the move is going well, lady!

  2. Hope the drive is going well!! Just as soon as we move to the same state, one of us has to move out ;) Hope to see you soon!

  3. Hope you have a safe trip! I'm a little bit jealous that you're traveling to my home roots - the great midwest! Give it a big hug for me!!

  4. Your dog is adorable! Good luck with the move.

  5. Safe travels!! I'm sure you will love living here :)

  6. Interesting how life's biggest moments are scary and happy. The bigger the moment, the scarier and happier! I'm looking forward to your forthcoming posts about all the ways life will be different and the same in your new home. Be sure to throw your beret in the air when you get there!

    Have a fun drive with your mom and brother!

    P S. ask your mom to start instagramming pics of Rocky for me!


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