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On Moving Again

Monday, July 22, 2013

I took the long way to an appointment on Sunday and stopped by Hollins University, the campus where I got my master's degree in Children's Literature. It had just stopped raining, and I had just met my dear friend Shawna for lunch in Daleville. The sight of the library and the post-rain mist on the mountain behind it brought back memories of the summer I spent there, dirty chai lattes in hand and copies of The Tale of Peter Rabbit tucked under my arm.

I had just finished up a year of working for my parents and was taking that summer and the following year off to finish my graduate work. Rob and I moved to Charlottesville and he studied at UVA while I opened a coffee shop downtown every morning and wrote every afternoon. At first it was scary and I was anxious and clumsy and everything felt uncertain, but we soon hit our stride and I started to figure things out and now I look back on it as one of the happiest times of my life so far. My friends were there, and Rob was there, and we made that little apartment with the green carpet and the terribly small kitchen feel like home.

On the way home from Philadelphia on Saturday, we drove through Tyson's Corner and passed by Rob's office headquarters. The overcast morning and crazy drivers reminded me of our six months apart before he moved even further to Minnesota. I would drive to DC on the weekends and we'd spend time together, visiting the mall at Tyson's Corner and eating at a new restaurant every night. The distance scared me so much, and I cried every Sunday evening when it was time to go home, but as our car passed by that Saturday, I missed that place.

Shawna has been one of my best friends for longer than I can remember, and today she's heading from Roanoke to Florida to start medical school. Yesterday we sat in a coffee shop and laughed, telling stories and watching the rain pour down outside. She is constantly making me proud and inspiring me to be braver, and I wouldn't be where I am today without her friendship and example. And I wouldn't be even half as brave as I am today without the promise of Rob.

Those things and places that once felt so uncertain become memories of the days where you knew exactly what you were doing. Hollins and Charlottesville and visiting DC were once causes of anxiety for me, and visiting them today makes me feel more like myself again. So today, as I begin my last week of work at my current job before moving to Minneapolis next week, I know that some time from now, I'll look back on our time in Minnesota with confidence and familiarity.

I'm ready for this next adventure.


  1. I'm moving in 2 weeks for a new job, and am completely stressed out about it! A month or two ago I wasn't concerned at all, but now I just keep thinking about how I'm leaving my boyfriends, friends, family, will know no one, and don't feel confident about my job, etc. Sigh. Oh wells, just keep on swimming....to the next adventure I suppose!

    La Quaintrelle

  2. I'm so happy for you! I have moved a lot in life and I always resist the new place at first and miss "home." It takes a while to hit your stride and make the new city feel like home, but when it happens it feels good. I have lived in San Diego over SIX years and just last week I realized, "this is my home and I am ok with that."

  3. What you are about to do IS very brave! Life is going to be very good to you, Freckles!

  4. it is scary and you are brave! but - as cliché as this is - I think that recognizing that it's scary and that it's supposed to be scary is the first step in overcoming the anxiety. you go girl :)

  5. I'm really looking forward to reading more about your new adventures. I first found your blog when you were working as a barista and it's crazy to think how much has changed since then. You getting your Masters in Children's Lit. though really inspired me to consider that when I graduate and the speed with which you've been planning your wedding has allowed me to think that I can hopefully plan mine in that short of a time too! (As in, I'm just going to wait until a few months before it happens...) I wish you the best of luck and know that you'll be completely fine :)

  6. Hooray for big, happy (and sometimes scary) life changes! I came to Minnesota for college, and then became a Minneapolis resident to stick around my husband, so I can relate. It's truly a great city to call home. If you need a tour guide, let me know!

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  8. Love this post. I can so relate.. so much. Changes often bring the best of life to your feet (even if you never expected they would).

  9. Stop saying nice things about me, it's giving me a big head. For real though, you are going to rock this change like a wagon wheel. And you know I'm always a leetle phone call away if you need to talk!! Love you!!!


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