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Twin Cities Happy Hour | Stella's Fish Cafe in Minneapolis

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Rob and I have been celebrating weekends together and exploring new restaurants in the Twin Cities by doing a little research and hitting up happy hour specials. I love happy hour.

Last Friday, we ventured to Stella's Fish Cafe & Prestige Oyster Bar, a fun place in Minneapolis with fabulous rooftop seating. There is a rooftop happy hour, but it's not available on Fridays. So we took advantage of the indoor happy hour that was going on and sat inside by a window, feasting on oysters, ribs, a spicy tuna roll, peel-and-eat shrimp, and a couple drinks each. They're serious about that two-for-one drink special, and Rob laughed at my surprise when, after ordering a glass of wine, the server brought me two, right then and there.


If you're ever in Minneapolis, you should definitely stop by Stella's! And you should tell me first so I can meet you there and have two more glasses of wine and another bucket of shrimp.

Stella's Fish Cafe & Prestige Oyster Bar
1400 West Lake Street
Minneapolis, MN 55408

Food 4/5
Service 2/5
Atmosphere (inside) 3/5
Prices & Specials 4/5
Paleo-Friendly 5/5

I hope you enjoy me sharing our restaurant adventures in Minneapolis and St. Paul with you! I'm hoping it will be a fun way to document all of our favorite places, while simultaneously encouraging our friends from home to come visit immediately.


  1. I would love to come and visit! Would a few days mid-week be workable?
    I just don't understand this whole "dry shampoo" thing, and I need you in my life!

  2. remember when we took our first instavid in Georgetown and we ate shrimp and oysters? This makes me miss you and Rob

  3. Food and restaurant pictures never get old. Bring it on. I'll just make sure I have already eaten before I click on your blog.

  4. Happy Hour is the best time of day! Looks yummy!


  5. This place looks great, I love a good happy hour! I'm trying to document Portland restaurants we visit as well, it's fun to eat/drink your way through a new city! xoxo

  6. You should definitely check out the Liffey in St. Paul - it's one of my favorite patios :)

    1. Sounds awesome! Thanks for the recommendation!

  7. Let me tell you...any place that brings me two drinks instead of one is my type of establishment! Ooooweee!

  8. Is that the roof top I wanted to go to the other night??? Mom

  9. Looks awesome! I could go for a bucket of shrimp right about now!

  10. 2 for 1 sounds amazing! I need to find a place like that since Matt and I are living on a very small budget. This place looks really tasty!

  11. hey I might steal this idea for when Jon moves over! It'll be a great way for him to discover DC :)


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