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Friday Favorites (30)

Friday, September 27, 2013

An engagement photo sneak peek! Full post to come on Wednesday.

Happy Friday, friends! I've had a bit of a weird week, getting back into the swing of things after our time out of town and doing what feels like a pile of never-ending laundry. I am the worst ever unpack-er, and I'm a little embarrased to admit that my suitcase from Virginia is still mostly full. But we're having friends over for dinner for the first time in this apartment tonight, and tomorrow Rob and I are headed to Chicago for the rest of the weekend!

I have a lot of fun posts lined up for next week, and on Wednesday my mom will arrive in Minneapolis and we're spending the week together before her sister and my cousin join us from Montana. But until then, here are some links I've been saving to share with you all:

New Guinness Ad Breaks The Industry Stereotype. Beautiful.
This book seems gross on so many levels! And sad, too.
Pope Francis keeping it real: Church can't "interfere" with gays. Baby steps, I guess.
I've recently gotten involved with Speak Now, a non-profit that works to empower young women. Check them out, and send me an email if you'd like to get involved!

Music, Movies, and TV
I can't even tell you how excited I am about this movie. David Sedaris is my favorite. I also love Corey Stoll.
This Actually Happened. Once again, Sam just nails it. And so eloquently, too. (More here.)
Well, this commercial gave me passion eyes if I've ever had them.
So, I had no idea the show Orange is the New Black was based on a memoir. I need to read it!

Food and Fitness
I'm kind of obsessed with Inspiralized. Ali is so awesome! And now I need a spiralizer.
I really hurt myself the other day at CrossFit, so this article really spoke to me. Be careful, you guys!
18 Extremely Disappointing Facts About "Healthy" Foods.

Other Stuff
I've been enjoying Amanda's blog so much recently. She's also fantastic on Instagram.
This email chain is too much. I had a good laugh with my girlfriends about it.
Is it Christmas?
My friend Melissa sent me this video of sea turtles hatching and she's right, it's magical.
Can't get enough of Laura and John's style--they're so cool!
Some new blogs to check out this weekend: Royal ProclaimsThe Hunt Life, and What You Make It.


What have you been reading and looking forward to lately? Any Chicagoans have a restaurant recommendation? Wishing you all a fun, safe, and cozy fall weekend!


  1. ha! that "is it Christmas?" website is classic. I've already seen/heard people talking about how they can't wait for Christmas, and I'm like NO. it's only September. give autumn it's time in the spotlight, wait until after Thanksgiving, and then we can talk about Christmas.

    also, the sneak peeks you've been sharing of your engagement pictures have all been gorgeous! can't wait for you to share more. :)

  2. Love the sneak peak of the engagement photos... you two are adorable :) Enjoy Chicago! xxx

  3. Ooh, I can't wait to see more pictures from your engagement shoot!

    And I kind of fell in love with that Guinness ad when I first saw it. Wasn't what I expected at all - better!

  4. A David Sedaris movie?! How did I miss this?

    Also, beautiful picture. Love the outfit choices & can't wait to see more!

  5. Thanks for the shout out, love! Your blog is beautiful, just like you.... definitely bloglovin' you!

  6. i was hoping you would share the miracle of life video!!! (i.e., turtles) but these are okay, i guess. ;) also, i read a VERY interesting article on Slate this week about how Pope Francis isn't as progressive as we all think he is. If I find it, I'll send it to you!

    1. Not sure how I forgot that one! I added it. They have the best commentary.

  7. ahh the david sedaris movie is going to be so good, can't wait until it's out of theaters and in my hands.

  8. Love the photo! Looking forward to seeing more of your engagement shoot! Also, the Crossfit article was shocking. I hope you are feeling better today.

    1. Thank you! I thought it was shocking as well! I just strained my bicep but it was a weird injury and couldn't open my arm completely for almost a week!

    2. OMG! That is horrifying. Have you changed the way you approach your workout since that incident?

    3. Well I usually don't do CrossFit, so this was just one week when I was back home and wanted to go. I shouldn't have jumped in so hard!

  9. I can't wait to see more of your engagement photos! Girl and the Goat is a great restaurant to check out in Chicago! :)

  10. My husband and I love Gino's East pizzeria. We ate there A LOT when we lived in Chicago. I also liked grabbing a dog and fries at Gene and Jude's after a night out. I think they are open until 2am.

  11. Omg love that picture. We've been going back and forth about doing pictures - I'm so torn but yours look like they are going to be so sweet and adorable. Can't wait to see the rest.

  12. I love the real housewives (it's a true obsession) but that book my melissa gorga is so gross! The guinness commercial = amazing and SO excited for the david sedaris movie. I LOVE him.

  13. I had seen the guinness commercial (which I loved) but I hadn't seen the downy commercial until just now. So sweet. BTW...you look so happy in your engagement photo...can't wait to see more!


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