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In Three Apartments

Friday, September 6, 2013

Sometimes I forget that we've shared three apartments.

The first one was in Roanoke, where I found anxiety and started graduate school. I felt like such an adult, grinding my coffee beans fresh every morning and parking in my garage. Rob lived there over the summer, and then Christmas break, and then moved in for another summer after his graduation from Hampden-Sydney, but it felt less like our apartment than it felt like it was mine, even if it didn't fit.

The second one was in Charlottesville, with weird green carpet and a tiny kitchen, but a little office/guest room that made us feel like we had a home. We spent hours in libraries and computer labs, at bars with cheap drinks and cornhole set up under a string of outdoor lights, and were constantly with friends. I felt like less of an adult, with a part-time job as a barista and afternoons full of research, and I loved it.

Now we're in Minneapolis, in the high-rise apartment with a balcony and a pool we never use. It's big enough and everything is new and we finally have that bookcase from IKEA that I've always wanted. This is the apartment we have as an engaged couple, and it's the first place we'll live as newlyweds. What other defining moments (other than that impending Minnesota winter) will occur while we live under this roof, I don't know yet. But I'll look back one day and see it from the future, and I'll tell you what this place was like and what it means to us because of that.

After a year apart, I forgot that living together is something Rob and I have done before--the norm, really. We've left little parts of ourselves places and picked up and taken things with us, and now we're here, together (again).


  1. I wrote a somewhat similar post as we were moving out of our first home together this past May. It was bittersweet. Looking back is always fun.

  2. It's big enough and everything is new and we finally have that bookcase from IKEA that I've always wanted.

    I think that's just the sweetest thing. ♥

    The Rambling Fangirl

  3. I love this! And I love the white comforter on your bed in the picture... I was just talking about how much I want a white bedding set.

  4. These kinds of posts are always my favorite!!! Looking forward to what this third place brings your way. And your tips and tricks fo surviving th winter. That may sound cruel, but I'm serious! There are so many awesome opportunities in that part of the country, but then I remember their winters and I chicken out. :) Give me courage, Megan! Show me it is possible!

  5. Your new apartment sounds amazing! I love the twin cities, and trust me the winters are THAT bad. It can actually be quite charming... until it's April and you just want it to go away. Haha, but at that point I'm sure you'll find a way to appreciate that pool ;)


  6. I love this! I love that you are settling into each other again- living apart for a year can't have been easy, so I'm so happy you're back under the same roof again. I hope the winter isn't too bad for you- and if it is, you two can just cosy up inside your space with that Ikea bookshelf. xx

  7. What a sweet collection of current happenings and past memories wrapped up into where you are today.

    I hope it's starting to feel like home, and settle in.

  8. Beautiful! My man and I have lived separately, in my parents house together, in a college dorm two different years and finally have our own place. Even though they weren't apartments, the places all have a special home in my heart. I want to do a post inspired by this.

    Amanda Rose

  9. oh man, I bet it's such a rediscovery! does it feel different at all though? I've lived with Jon before, of course, for years, but when we move back in together we won't have for almost two years - will it feel strange? I bet it will, but I have no idea how. I guess you only know once you're in it - or on the other side, even?


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