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What I Wore 59: Christmas Tree Shopping

Monday, December 9, 2013

We had a really cold weekend here in Minneapolis. When I woke up on Saturday, it was -11 degrees outside, but I was still super excited to go out and get our Christmas tree. In past years, we've always just set up a mini fake one, but this year Rob and I both really wanted to get a full-sized real one. This year away really has me eager to start some new traditions.

So I slapped some leggings on underneath my jeans and it was Christmas Tree Shopping Day! (From here until, well, April, outdoor What I Wore posts will probably contain less photos and more watery eyes. It's a little chilly out there.)

Sweater: GAP | Jacket: Old Navy
Earmuffs (mine are in Chestnut): UGG Australia
Mittens: My mom's old pair. I love these things.
Bag: Coach | Jeans: Levi's
Short Rain Boots: c/o Joules


Joules recently sent me these little boots and they're so cute. I know they're mainly meant for rain, but the furry lining inside did a pretty decent job keeping my feet warm for a while. I probably could have done the pants thing with socks and worn two pairs, but I think that's just Minnesota. The color is so fun and they're grippy enough for slippery sidewalks! I'm a fan.

And look! Our tree is so cute.

How was your weekend? Anyone else get a tree on Saturday?


  1. It was really chilly in Minneapolis this weekend! I stayed in as much as possible by the fireplace. Even my furry puppy slept in front of the fireplace whenever I had it on. :) Your outfit is adorable! And so is your tree. I have to have a fake one. When my family moved to Minneapolis my parents decided to get rid of the fake tree that we had and start getting real ones. I had allergy issues all through the holidays so the first year with a real tree was the last for me.

  2. I love those ear muffs! You look adorable.

  3. -11 degrees sounds inhumane!!! And why aren't you wearing a long coat?!?!?! omg, i couldn't do it. you look adorable, but let's get you a knee-length coat for those temps, kay? i don't want you to freeze your tookus off!

  4. such a pretty tree! and oh how I remember those negative temps from my childhood in wisconsin....walking home from school was always so painful!

  5. you look so adorable. we had an ice storm come our way on sunday and tonight we're supposed to get more snow. surprisingly, i don't mind! i love the first few snow falls!


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