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What I Wore 11: Baby Boy Blazer

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A few weeks ago, my mom came to town with Patrick's mom and the four of us went shopping at J.Crew's warehouse sale. The warehouse is a crazy place--an old grocery store taken over by cardboard boxes, stuffed to the brim with random items of clothing. You have to dedicate at least an hour to finding a couple good pieces. At the beginning of the sale, shirts and dresses and pants are all in their respective sections, folded and arranged in boxes according to size.

But near the end of the sale, which is when we made our visit, the place was absolute chaos--hundreds of people competing for the best deals--digging through clothes on the floor or in the wrong boxes. This is how I came to find my new blazer, which was pretending to be a ladies' jacket in the women's section, but is actually meant for a young boy.

I found these boots, too. They were supposed to be in the adult section.

Blazer: J.Crew Crewcuts
Boots: J.Crew
Jeans: Miss Me
Nails: OPI, Red My Fortune Cookie
Lips: Covergirl Outlast Lipstain, Shade 430

Every now and again I do this challenge where I try not to wear eyeliner, and I always end up hiding some in my bag or running to the bathroom to slap some on in a panic right before I leave the house. I think I don't look like myself without it. 

But that's just plain silly. Today I succeeded.


  1. i LOVE those boots. the warehouse sale sounds crazy, but the good kind of crazy. i want one of those by me pleaseeee.

    and i like your look without eyeliner! the lipstain brings out your pretty little freckles and you just look so cute :) don't even worry about it.

  2. im kinda obsessed with your pops of red and your bangs.

  3. I love the embellishment on your top! And the straight across bangs with the red lips - perfect on you!

  4. going through old what you wore posts and I love this photo of you sans eyeliner. I'm actually a huge just mascara wearer and when I put eyeliner on, I feel so strange.


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