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Winter Break Days

Friday, December 30, 2011

Here is a list of things that do not happen when Rob is on winter break and I get home from work at noon every day: 

  • cleaning
  •  laundry
  • general productivity

Because when Rob is home all day with no work or school and I have practically the whole day free to do whatever my little heart desires, we end up sitting next to each other in bed with our computers all afternoon and taking lots of walks.

It's not too bad.


  1. I could totally get used to this no grad school winter break thing :D

  2. Thats totally what winter breaks are for!

  3. having the day off to do whatever with your Loverboy is SO nice. screw productivity- soak up the time together!

  4. I've been wanting to just sit in bed & do nothing but haven't had the chance. Today I'll get off early so perhaps I'll be able to curl up.

    Love your hat too!

  5. Not gonna lie, really, really jealous. Enjoy the break

  6. That's the best way to spend winter breaks! :)

  7. nothing wrong with being lazy bones...when kyle and i both have the week off, whta it really means is kyle works from home and i clean like a crazy person. a crazy clean person, but crazy nevertheless. p.s. let me know if you're still looking for plans on NYE!


  8. Yay for being on a break! :) I really like your hat in the second photo :)

  9. I love your hat! Where'd you get it?

  10. those are the best kind of days. hands down.

    I love your hat!! Is that a camera bag?? loves it.


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