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Weekend in Photos // Snow and Pancakes

Monday, January 23, 2012

For whatever reason, I've always been a person who gets really good at something and then randomly drops it. It's an incredibly frustrating habit. When I was younger, I water-skied and wake-boarded behind my parents' boats and jet-skis like there was nothing to it. I learned tricks and never wiped out. Then, one day, I decided that I was terrified of the lake. I didn't go in again for years.

When I was in college, I was briefly a Spanish major. I had grown up with the language, so I fell into my studies with ease. I was starting to have dreams in Spanish when I dropped the major, not even considering a Spanish minor. One of my classes gave me too much anxiety and I didn't think I'd be able to go back. I've always known that pursing a degree in English was one of the best decisions I've ever made for myself, but I do regret giving up on my Spanish fluency. 

My whole life, I've been a skier. I learned as a little toddler and always felt comfortable with my boots in bindings. I took lessons and mastered my skills. And my family went to ski resorts every winter. Then I turned 17 or 18 and just stopped skiing. I hadn't been on skis in years, until Thursday.

I just got the urge to go. My mom goes twice a week and I knew she'd be there, so I called her up and asked her to bring my stuff. She actually seemed confused, and called me the next day to make sure I was still coming. I met her on the mountain and clipped my boots into my bindings and skied down the mountain.

It was a nice way to start the weekend.


It reminded me of a time this summer, when some of Rob's friends came to hang out with us at my parents' house on the lake. They wanted to try wake-boarding, and, as you know, I hadn't been in the water in years. I then accidentally drank half a bottle of wine, gathered some courage, traded my dress for a life jacket (luckily I still had my bikini on underneath) and jumped off the dock with my board. 

Sometimes, you just have to give yourself the benefit of the doubt and then be a little bit braver than you feel.

Looks like it might be time to break out the old Spanish books.


This weekend continued with almond flour pancakes stuffed with apples.
And, of course, coffee.

And then we woke up to a beautiful, quiet frost.

Wishing you a warm Monday with plenty of opportunities to tackle your fears.


  1. Such an inspirational post. I've been talking about picking up my Swedish again (even though I've never been fluent, but I'd love to have my basics back).
    Those last two pictures are just gorgeous!

  2. very happy mother and daughter time :)
    nice to find your blog Italian Girl :) nice ,im Belinda from Indonesia


  3. pancakes. excellent. cannot wait for you to make me these.

    one day, one day.

  4. I grew up on the slopes! Like, I was skiing on paper plates in our living room. I was the mogul queen. I loved the chair lift. I was fearless, too. Then I stopped going I think when I was 14. Four years, the idea of this terrified me. I went to Colorado for an 8 day trip and I would only go until lunch, then quit. I feel that exact way, how come I changed so much, why did I let the fear over take the passion I once had for it. I feel like a baby now. Like, the idea of being out in the cold all day, makes me feel miserable, and that's just when I think about it. Anyway, I'm glad you went!! Maybe we should plan a Jenna, Melissa, Whitney, Megan ski trip. And be the four best blogger friends

  5. Isn't it strange how we can psych ourselves out more than anyone else can? Glad to hear it went well. The good news is that you now know that all it really takes to conquer your fears is half a bottle of wine!

  6. I've never been skiing, you look so cute all bundled up!! Looks like a great day :) xoxo, eliza

  7. I loved skiing with you, hopefully we will do it more often. It looks like we are skiing on mud though! Snow is really lacking this year. Mom

  8. look at you, finding your way back to the things you loved. that sounds like a really nice weekend.

    i'm surprising ben tonight with dinner already made when he comes over and im scared of making something gross that neither of us likes. i hate wasting food. or anything actually. but so that's gonna count as my bravery for the day.

  9. i never finish anything i start.

    hence why i have two unfinished chairs in my 'craft room'

    it is an annoying habit i have.

    but this gives me hope that i can break it...


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