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Weekend in Photos // Sleeping In

Monday, February 27, 2012

This weekend consisted of the following:

several meals with friends
a very special birthday
quite a bit of reading
waking up without an alarm
so much sugar all around me
a Sunday afternoon spent on the couch

I really can't tell if I'm tired or just relaxed.

Happy Monday, people.


  1. Ooooohh I love your nails!

    Saturdays are my only day to sleep in without an alarm. I make the most of them, believe me. :) I like hearing that other people do the same thing ... makes me feel less lazy, or something ...

  2. I love sleeping without an alarm! Sunday was my day. It was beautiful ... that cupcake looks really yum ... I think it might be time for lunch!


  3. I want that cupcake. And that puppy. Is that your puppy?

  4. What a fun weekend! Those cupcakes are super cute :) I like the nails as well :)

  5. Beautiful pictures, as always :) Sounds like a great weekend! My Mom stayed in town until this morning, so I'm just now getting into the swing of things. It was so perfect to have some time off to just relax and spend time with her! Hope you're week is going well, love. xo! e

  6. I'm pretty sure I just saw a messed up "your" quickly as I was hitting publish...I've said it before, I should really take a nap before leaving blog comments :p

  7. Nice photos!I am a pet lover!Have a nice day!


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