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Wishing You a Sweet Weekend

Friday, February 24, 2012

[Figs on my coffee table, taken September 2011.]

I'm home from work with plans to go on a long run and then clean the entire apartment. 
Rob and I are making ribs for dinner tonight. Enjoying the weather. Maybe going out with friends later.
It's sunny and warm in Charlottesville and I'm so happy it's the weekend. 

[By the way, I still have a few sponsor spots open for March and beyond. Email me today to grab yours!]

Have a beautiful weekend, friends.


  1. I wish it was sunny here too! It is so foggy today. Have a great weekend...

  2. ooh a long run...can I come?! :-) This photo is so beautiful. One of my favorite colors (deep purple). Have a great weekend!


  3. oh i need to go for a run... oh wait i hate running.. ok i'll go for a walk

  4. ps. will you email me about sponoring. i want to sponsor you i just keep forgetting to email you!

  5. Happy weekend! That picture is making me wish it was August/September and I had a huge bag of fresh figs from the neighbor's tree. Sigh.

  6. what did you end up doing with these figs?? i don't really like them fresh, but i love them in jam or cooked with things.

    enjoy your ribs with rob!!!


  7. Ohh, yum! Ribs sound delicious! :) What a nice reward after all of that cleaning!

  8. I love figs. And Melissa needs to learn to eat them fresh. They're too good. I love them topped with goat cheese and sea salt. Or in salads. Happy Weekend.

  9. I'm jealous of your nice weather, it's snowing here in WI. Have a good weekend!

  10. Sounds like a lovely weekend! I hope it was. :) I'm a little bit sad that it's almost over. We had nice weather here as well!


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