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Spring Scenes | Happy Friday

Friday, March 23, 2012

I've kept myself pretty busy this week. Warmer temperatures and a little sunlight will do that.

I've gone running, spent a few afternoons on the patio of my favorite local coffee shop, tackled some more of my thesis, packed up a few winter things, and still made it to bed early almost every night. That extra light we get works like magic.

New books from Alderman Library.

Iced pistachio milk latte. I'm not kidding.

Bare legs, windows down on the way home from work.

Now I'm off to the lake to hang out with my parents, see The Hunger Games, and a few other things.
What are your plans? Wishing you a warm and sunny weekend!


  1. I love running as well! That latte looks delish !!

  2. OH snap! I am going to see the Hunger Games tonight too! Happy Spring

  3. Perfect week. Have fun with your fam!

  4. Wow, your whole week sounds like it makes for a really balanced lifestyle. That's fantastic.

  5. This all looks perfectly divine! Have fun with family and the Hunger Games :D

  6. Oh this post makes me so happy! The books, the latte, the legs (??) - it's all lovely! Glad you've been so inspired to get things done :-) seems like everyone is thriving on the beginnings of Spring whilst we slip unceremoniously into Autumn! Enjoy your weekend + The Hunger Games (it's AMAZING! just saying!) x

  7. whoa whoa whoa....pistachio milk???? tell me everythingggggggggg!!!!


  8. pistachio milk latte?!?! i must try that!!!

  9. first of all. your bloggy name rocks. as does your adorable design.

    and i also am pretty intrigued by your thesis. so much fun, no?! what does a princess thesis even look like?!

    cheers for being so awesome!

  10. You guys gain an hour?! No fair - we lost one on Saturday. The plus side is that evenings are much lighter now. I can officially go running when I get home from work and not fear a little for my life!



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