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Weekend in Photos // Smith Mountain Lake, Again

Monday, March 26, 2012

Here are some glimpses into my life the past three days.

 I had an omelet from Mill Mountain.

 Post-breakfast visit to the farmer's market.

 I borrowed a necklace from my mother's closet.

 Rocky relaxed on the upstairs deck.

 Leaves sprouted from trees and hung over the lake.

 We said goodbye and good luck to Andrew (middle) before he leaves to hike the Appalachian Trail.

 Sunday Brunch at The Hotel Roanoke.

 It rained.

I spent some time untangling the wind chime outside my bedroom door. 

How was your weekend? 

Did you see The Hunger Games like I did? 
Umm...did you weep like some sort of insane person like I did?

Hope you have a happy Monday!


  1. the hunger games made me HUNGRY. for an omelette just like that, to be precise ;)

  2. Sadly, we got to watch 30 minutes of The Hunger Games before the power went out and we were all sent home :-(

  3. Ohh hunger games was good?? I just finished reading the first one and I'm dying to see it!

    Looks like another lovely weekend! So lucky to have a place to go to like that!

    Have a great week Megan!

  4. I'm seeing the movie tonight! :) I'll let you know if the tears come. (there's a good chance they will... I cried in the movie "Up.")

  5. Oh yummy!! I'm dying for a weekend out on the lake, it's definitely getting to be that time of year again :) Hope you have a marvelous week, my dear! xoxo, eliza

  6. looks like a fun weekend! Do you live in Roanoke? My boyfriend currently goes to Roanoke College :)

  7. I haven't seen THG yet - I really want to though - I was going to go see it Saturday with my friend but then she went without me (instead I had a fab time at home watching The Voice UK and Britain's Got Talent)

  8. OMG. I thought I was the only one who wept. I wondered, "even a kids movie makes me cry. damn it" but clearly, a) it's not a kids flick and b) i'm not the only one. :)
    Thanks for sharing. What a fun weekend. XO

  9. It sounds like such a wonderful and peaceful weekend, except for crying at the Hunger Games (which I did as well..)

  10. We saw The Hunger Games and I cried, but not in the parts that I expected to.

    That's so exciting that your friend is going to hike the Appalachian trail! Best of luck to him on his adventure!

  11. I definitely cried - and was in good company at the theater too. I agree with Melissa though - I cried when then first got on the train - definitely not when I expected to. Such a good movie!

  12. Lovvvvved Hunger Games. Loved. Also, love your family weekends at the lake.

  13. What a great weekend and love that pendant! I didn't cry during the hunger games, but I would have if the rest of the audience had been a better audience. They were killing me. GR!

  14. omg, the scene with rue...i was bawlingggggg!! like a child. #embarrassed #butnotreally


  15. looks like a great weekend to me.
    i really need to read the hunger games first.
    everyone is talking about it!

    bitter blond

  16. These photos are absolutely stunning - looks like you had an amazing weekend:) Mine was spent shopping - 10 hours - eep! and then getting horribly ill. Not cool.

    Haven't seen Hunger Games ... not really part of the phenomenon yet, might need to check it out.


  17. I love smith mountain lake, I'm so jealous you get to go there so often!


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