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Week in Photos // City of Sin

Thursday, March 8, 2012

We're back from Las Vegas, and maybe not so ready for real life yet.

Here's why. Our recent vacation consisted of:
Lots of lazy mornings, sunny afternoons, and good food.
Naps and hot tubs at the hotel, iced coffees, and long walks along the Strip.
Swanky bars and a fancy anniversary dinner up high in the sky.

I managed to once again go to Sin City and not even spend a penny gambling. 
What can I say; I prefer to throw my money away on things I can eat or wear.

And how has your week been?


  1. I love seeing pictures from when people go visit Las Vegas. After living there for so long it's always fun to see it through another person's eyes!

    Sounds like you had a great week! My week... has been exciting :) Lots of big news. I got offered a job in Northern Virginia and now we have to move next weekend. I made a fun video last night to announce it, mostly because I didn't want to pack anymore. haha

    I'm sure you really didn't care to know all that but there it is ;) Happy Thursday!


  2. Love it! My dad lives in Vegas. I've been there a few times to visit him. It's quite the place. I want to see more of that blue dress though.

  3. I'm the same exact way.. I rarely gamble when I go to Vegas, sometimes I do some penny slots, but that's mostly so I can get free drinks. I most def prefer to put my money towards things I wear and eat...

    and love your pics. That blue dress is bbeaauutttifuull =)

  4. Looks like you two had a blast! I've been to Vegas once but T has never been...I imagine we'll be making a trip there next year. Where did you two stay? Your room looks beautiful! As does your dress :) xo! eliza

  5. How fun! I love Las Vegas, and I'm impressed that you didn't spend any money gambling. Glad you enjoyed your trip!


  6. Gorgeous photos!
    Looks like yall had a great time.
    I just went to vegas a couple of weeks ago. I didn't gamble at all, but sure lost money at Chanel & Tory Burch :) oh & on lots of food!!

  7. Beautiful photos! :) Glad you had a lovely trip.

  8. How fun was that vacation? I am supremely jealous!

  9. I could go for a vacation like that right about... yesterday! Glad you had a restful and enjoyable vaca! ;)


  10. wow! looks like so much fun! i had no idea there was an in n out burger there btw...i feel like i missed out on a crucial tourist attraction by missing it when i went last year!!


  11. my week doesn't even compare to yours- I'm on Spring 'Break' and have lots of homework to be doing!

    love these pics of your trip- you looks gorgeous and love that blue dress!! Never been to Vegas but I like watching Vegas Strip on tv (reality tv show that follows the police on the strip- HILARIOUS)

  12. I am dying for a vacay right now! Looks like yall had fun. What hotel did you stay at? That room looks so warm and luxurious.


  13. gorgeous photos! I miss vegas so dearly... and it's right in my backyard!!!

  14. Wow! Looks like you had a great time and well done on not gambling. I agree - I would much rather spend my money on delicious food! How good were those burgers?!

    Welcome back to reality!


  15. It looks like you had a great time! Isn't In N Out the best?!

  16. Looks like SO much fun!! Where did you stay?I want to hear about the anniversary dinner too! haha, I like how you casually ask how our week was at the end. No comparison. :)

  17. you were right- your hair does look extra fab in vegas! rob has the prettiest girlfriend :)

    also, i like that picture of him underneath the don't walk hand. i'm not sure why, but i do. and your hotel looks so fancy shmancy! glad you guys had fun :) happy anniversary again :)


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