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Life Lately According to Instagram (#4)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Hello from Williamsburg! I'm here with Rob's family for the week before I start work next Monday! I thought I'd share a few looks into the past week with you while I spend some time doing that vacation thing that I've gotten so good at lately.

[All photos via Instagram. Follow along if you'd like @megan_flynn.]

1. It is really so good to have Rob back home.
2. Lovely leather journal--my gift from China!
3. Been wearing this pink tee shirt like it's my job.
4. Saturday morning view from the dock.
5. New eye shadow and lip colors from Revlon.
6. Our room here in Williamsburg.
There is just something about a hotel bed.

Happy Monday!


  1. hotel beds are the bomb.com. and sharing them with loverboys who just got home is even better. enjoy your time!

    p.s. miss you :)

  2. i LOVE wiliamsburg. when i was younger, my favorite type of books were colonial historical fiction - yea I was a dork!

    we just went recently, so if you need some ideas of where to go, check out my posts.
    what we did: http://lachapstickfanatique.blogspot.com/2011/12/weekend-christmastime-in-williamsburg.html
    what we ate: http://lachapstickfanatique.blogspot.com/2011/12/williamsburg-food-review.html

  3. Jealous of your views from the dock! I know you talk about the lake, but really, it's GORGEOUS. Enjoy your trip and having Rob back.

  4. Love the pink shirt, so cute!


  5. Amen to the hotel bed, I love staying in hotels! They're always so plush.


  6. I love the hat on the firts picture :)


  7. I saw you on Little Chief Honeybee and I KNEW you were in my town!! Hope you enjoyed your stay in the Burg!! Where did you eat?


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