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Friday Favorites (04)

Friday, September 14, 2012

Happy Friday you guys! I thought last week was long, but then I went on a business trip where my company put on a conference and now I think that this week was definitely longer.

[Baltimore Sky]

Sunday morning I was at the office by 8 AM so we could get on the road, and when we got to Baltimore we set up and registered people and met all the attending clients at a wine and cheese reception. On Monday we were up at 5 AM to get ready and eat breakfast. I registered people until the conference began, and presentations and small group sessions lasted all day. We had a '20s theme party where we got into costume and had cocktails and dinner and dancing with everyone, and on Tuesday morning I gave a presentation (to 150+ clients!) where I was able to show off what I've been working on for the past two months. It was nerve-wracking and the whole conference was a lot of work, but it feels so good to be part of a team and to be doing something worthwhile. I couldn't be happier. But I couldn't be more exhausted.

Here are some things I've loved this week. I haven't really been around very much!

My real-life friend Alli emailed me a link to this beautiful article about female friendship.

Rob got me a few shirts from Everlane this week and I know I've posted and tweeted about this company before, but I really can't go on enough about how much I love them. I need every top in every color!

THIS GUY! Found him right here on Reddit.


I love the pictures Amanda and her friends took in this post. Makes me wish all my girls lived in the same place!

I always want everything from ModCloth, but I usually stop myself. I don't know how much longer I can hold out! I feel like I need this sweater so I can escape to some snowy cabin and drink hot chocolate by the fire.

Sam blows my mind with every post. This one was no different.

I bought and started Blue Like Jazz and it is so beautiful already. I always kind of want to write about my religious views here, but then I'm not sure about it. Maybe this will inspire me to share soon.

Did you enter to win $20 to Sprightly So? Do it now!

I'm really looking forward to a fun, relaxing weekend. What are you going to be up to?


  1. yes to that friendship article and yes to ashore's post. so pretty!

    and also, I just bought an Everlane shirt! you help feed my online shopping addiction :)

  2. That article about female friendship - so good. So glad that you posted it, sometimes we all need that reminder!

  3. I have read Blue Like Jazz and actually signed a petition(??) to get the movie to come to my town for one night only! The movie is great (recommend it after you read the book).

    I thought the book and movie really portrayed how religion can be a burden and a blessing. I love that it showed a Real Person's journey, rather than someone who seems to have it all together, because I feel v. strongly about my faith, but I am by no means perfect and I never will be. That's the beauty of it! I cuss, and I love God and I am blessed by his Grace which is kind of the whole definition of God!

    You really should watch the movie, it's very different than the book but SO good and worthy of a good Saturday night in!


  4. I liked the article about friendship. It made me cry a little bit. Thanks.

    1. So glad you liked it! It made me cry, too.

  5. Love Donald Miller. If you don't already do so-- follow him on Facebook. He posts very inspirational/thought-provoking comments about religion, about writing, about every day life.

  6. Congrats on putting on a successful conference! When are we going to hear more about what you've been working on? I'm so curious! :)

  7. One day I am going to drain my bank account on Modcloth, I swear...! (also loved the article on friendship, good find!)

    1. It's a problem! Glad you enjoyed the article!

  8. please let me know what you think about Blue Like Jazz! I don't really like reading books on spirituality because they frustrate me, but I'm desperate to find one that makes me think productively.


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