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Weekend in Photos // NOVA Days

Monday, September 17, 2012

Rob and I have mostly settled into the long-distance thing. I go there one weekend, then he comes here. This weekend we were in Tysons Corner, where we manage to do a lot of both going out and staying in. We talked about how our new weekends together aren't like real life anymore--when we lived together we actually had things to do from Friday night to Sunday evening. But now? Multiple coffee dates; a walk around the mall; a metro ride or two into Washington, DC to have drinks with friends; lunch, dinner, and then breakfast out; our song playing on repeat while we read in bed and take at least one really good two hour nap--these are our new weekends in northern Virginia.


  1. it sounds like vacation weekends all the time. you lucky ducks.

  2. I think that's really a bonus of living apart. It feels like you can scamper around during the week + get all the work done so you can just be together over the weekends. I love that feeling! Love these pictures :) xoxo

  3. Such a storybook life! Enjoy yourself!
    P.S. That overstuffed omelet looks delicious!

  4. I'm so glad you've settled into this way of life, it's not so scary once you figure it out. Looks like a lovely weekend!

  5. Yummy food!! Looks like your life is flowing quite smoothly :)

  6. Mmmm, looks like some delicious food!


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