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Friday Favorites (07)

Friday, October 12, 2012

[Around the house.]

Happy Friday, you guys! I only have a few links for you as this has been a busy week at work and I've managed to stay off the computer and go to bed super early for most of it. Here are five or six things that I've enjoyed this week:

I seriously almost bought this print for my son's bedroom before I was like, "Oh wait, I don't have a son."

I loved Dani's post about Method's Pink Your Sink campaign. I'm also the daughter of a breast cancer survivor, so these efforts to find a cure are especially close to my heart.

I haven't read Fifty Shades of Grey, but I've done a bit of work with that damn Twilight "Saga," and I found this article to be really super interesting. My opinion is that an abusive relationship between two characters is going to look like an abusive relationship between two characters, no matter what kind setting and plot you drop it into.

New blog friends for you: Christine and Tif!

I'm a bit late to the game, but I've been listening to the new Mumford & Sons album and I can't get enough of it. Talk about passion eyes. The whole album plays over and over in my head and I don't mind at all.


Rob and I are meeting in Farmville tonight, and we're staying at Longwood with my brother, then going to Hampden-Sydney's Homecoming football game on Saturday. After tailgating and stopping by all of our old stomping grounds, we'll be heading to Charlottesville for the rest of the weekend to spend the night with my dear friend Patrick (but apparently not his fiance Chad, because Chad is now in Roanoke for a month doing med school things. I hate having all my friends scattered around!). Two of my best girlfriends, Shawna and Emma, are also currently in Charlottesville, so I'll hopefully be exchanging a few hugs and a meal or two with them. I can't wait! Homecoming weekend is always the best.


  1. love that album too-have you listened to fleet foxes-you might like them if you like muford and sons.

  2. Oooh fun! There's nothing like Homecoming Weekend :) Have a great time + take lots of pictures! My weekend is going to be spent packing + visiting my siblings. xoxo! e

  3. I love Mumford and Sons, but I'm a little bit peeved that this supposedly new I will Wait song is a carbon copy of their Nothing is Written from their The Cave album, with the exception of a a new chorus.

  4. haha "oh wait, I don't have a son". you're my fave.

  5. That was an interesting article. But I agree with you on the abusive relationship thing. Also, unsurprising, considering Fifty Shades started out as Twilight fanfiction.

    1. Yes! I love that fact. The story might be completely different, but those same flawed characteristics are still there!

  6. I'm loving the new Mumford & Sons! Also loving...The Lumineers.

  7. The new Mumford & Sons album is gorgeous! I've been driving around listening to it for the past few weeks and it just perfectly fits with this time of year :D

  8. I legitimately have listened to Mumford 80 times in a row. I have a problem. But it's SO good.


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