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I Think I Miss You Most on Wednesdays

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Shirts and Gloves by Dashboard Confessional on Grooveshark

It has rained incessantly since Monday morning. Sometimes it has poured, sometimes a cool, wet haze has just lingered on streets and treetops. These misty fall days are my favorites, but I can't help but get nostalgic as always for autumns past, especially the most recent one--when Rob and I shared an apartment and lived the part-time lives of a student and a barista. Getting home late happened at only three o'clock, and even then there was always time to sprawl out on the couch or in bed with blankets and books and our favorite shows.

More than any of that, though, was coming home to someone and telling him in person about your day. Not on the phone or in an email, but actually face to face, with hot chocolate, and your hand in his.

"So many high points on this last leg,
I can't wait to recount them.
It seems that nothing's happened until I share them with you."
--Dashboard Confessional

I say a lot of the same things over and over--I love the rain. Fall is magical. I miss Rob. It's all true.

A little long-distance mush for your Wednesday.


  1. Awww, I so know what you mean... Since my husband and I separated I have really come to miss coming home to someone, and discussing the random things of work. There are so many things we have in life that we don't always realise are so important to us until we don't have them. It's a beauty of life, but a bittersweet one.


  2. This is sweet :) It's strange how you don't really realize those things while they're happening, because while you're in it, life still feels busy. And then you graduate and things begin to change and you realize just how easy you had it together! I was just thinking the other day that while things feel hectic right now, these days are going to be nothing compared to when we're working, having kids, buying a house, etc. in the future, so I'm trying to focus every ounce of energy I have on enjoying this time for what it is. Happy Wednesday! xo, e

  3. I love this post. I'm always a sucker for a little mush :)

    And yes, these fall days are so much better when there's someone at home to cuddle up with. Wednesdays suck because it's only half way to seeing Rob again, but at least you're halfway!

  4. Miss that song, love this post. The weather's dreary today and this pretty much encapsulates how I feel right now.

  5. bla, I miss Rob for you. Here's hoping the year flies by and you'll miss something about right now, next year. Life is always that way. HUGS

  6. Yeah. Been there.
    Love the quote, it's so true. Life is more special when you have someone special to tell about your day. Facetime helps a little!

    1. Been there, done that! Facetime definitely helps.

  7. This was heart wrentching, I reflect everything I had when my husband was away for a month earlier this year. Your words are spot on. Hoping that the time flies and that soon you're sharing you day stories face to face.

  8. Feeling the mush! Still sorry things have to be long distance right now...:(

    Enjoy the fall and all the things that make it unique! Missing Rob or not, keep sharing with us. I know I even like reading about your mush.

    BTW, that line from dashboard confessional says it all! "It seems that nothings happened until I share them with you."


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