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Life Lately According to Instagram (#12)

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Good morning! It's a cold Saturday here in Roanoke and I'm sitting in the kitchen with my coffee while my mom cooks up some sausage and pancakes for everyone. Rob, my brother, my dad, and my cousin Brendan are all still asleep and I just love the feeling of being awake in the quiet morning of a full house! The fire is going and Rocky is lounging. This is the life!

I'm sharing several phone photos with you this morning--here's the last bit of November as told by Instagram:

1. Finally got to try Ginger Woodchuck--it was so good and it even matched my outfit!
2. Tailgating at Hampden-Sydney. More Woodchuck!
3. Took an autumnal walk around a pond with Rob.
4. Together in New York.
5. Van Cortlandt Park.
6. Finished The Paris Wife 
(and I'm still not sure if I feel worse for Hadley or Hemingway).
7. Sean roasted some venison for us. My first deer meat experience.
8. Casual Friday on the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.
9. Shooting with film for the first time! I'm anxious to get it developed.
10. Thanksgiving dinner.
11. Black Friday WOD at RVCFTim is such a great coach.
12. Paleo banana bread just how I like it--with a ton of grassfed butter on top.

What have you been up to lately? Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Life Lately According to Instagram is a semi-weekly feature in which I showcase a few of my favorite Instagram shots. You can follow along with me in real-time if you'd like--just search for username @megan_flynn.


  1. Gosh! That really is such a cozy and wonderful feeling to be awake in a house full of sleeping people :)

    How was "The Paris Wife"?

  2. hemmingway-hated him for a bit-but i then felt sorry for him-he was troubled.

  3. How much did you love the ending of The Paris Wife? I love shooting in film! How dud the photos turn out?

  4. I love all you cutie photos :)

  5. Ooh, ginger cider. That reminds me to tell you to try Ace Pumpkin Cider... I think it's much yummier than the Woodchuck version! :)

  6. Yum..love Woodchuck! I get a little nostalgic for Virginia while reading your blog! I lived in Lynchburg for 4 years while getting my BA in English. I miss the heat! It is cold and rainy in Seattle :)

  7. But Seattle is so gorgeous! Where did you go to school?


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