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Last Weekend in DC

Monday, January 28, 2013

It really feels like it was just last week that Rob moved into his room at the Residence Inn, but it was the end of August. And in early October, he moved into his apartment in Arlington. DC was always meant to be a temporary stop for Rob, but I'm surprised at how quickly this time has flown by.

I have loved having a reason to meet up with friends like Melissa and Whitney; have brunch with Betsy or drinks with Sarah. I have loved being able to meet Rob in Richmond or Charlottesville and spend the weekends with friends from home. And I have loved this little adventure with Rob, and the reminder that a little distance isn't an issue for us.

So this is Rob's last week at his office in Tyson's Corner, and then on Friday he'll drive to Roanoke, and movers are coming on Saturday morning, and his one-way flight to Minnesota takes off on Sunday. This move has come to fruition even faster than his stint in Northern Virginia felt.

The five months of weekends we've had so far have been fun, and I will hate to see Rob go even further, but I think the next adventure will be even better.


  1. i'm also gonna miss being able to see you semi-regularly! DONT GO ROBBBBBBBBB!!!!!!


  2. Oh yes, the next one will be even better. Thinking of you, lovebug.

  3. so sad i missed you this last weekend. but we will see eachother again soon!!

  4. I think your positive attitude is going to get you through this next bit really well. I'm sending you good vibes!

  5. I'm sure we can think of excuses for you to come up to DC that involve a side trip to brunch!

  6. You're so positive about this whole thing. That's very inspirational :) Cheers to regular vacations to Minnesota!

  7. I love the positivity! So many adventures to come and new places to explore and love.


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