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Life Lately According to Instagram (#14)

Friday, January 4, 2013

Alright you guys, get ready for a lot of photos. 
Life Lately According to Instagram is becoming a once-monthly feature. 
Starting today. Take a look at my December:

1. Lunch with mom at our favorite Thai place.
2. Blowouts and manicures with Melissa.
3. Read a whole lot of books.
4. Pomegranates are my favorite. 
5. A Paleo molten chocolate cake and a glass of almond milk.
6. My co-worker and friend, Lauren, and I after our company holiday party.
7-9. Christmas in Arizona.
10. I can't say it enough: Rob's nephew is adorable.
11. My parents participated in this awesome program this Christmas for me and Sean.
12. Old photo of me and my cousin, Molly, taken by my dad.
13. I love this picture of me and Rob from last weekend even though my bangs are too long.
14. I met Rob for lunch when he was working on Monday (something I never get to do) and we went to The Burger Joint, where they have sweet potato tots and I loved every single bite.
15. Close-up of my 2013 nails.
16. Miso soup is my favorite non-Paleo snack.
17. Love this goofy photo of us from New Year's Eve.
18. Back to reality after the holidays--breakfast at my desk!

What did your December look like?

Life Lately According to Instagram is a once-monthly feature in which I showcase my favorite Instagram shots. You can follow along with me in real-time if you'd like--I'm @megan_flynn.


  1. wow! your December looks yummy, pretty, and lots and lots of fun!

  2. I love your NYE dress! Gorgeous!

    X Kenzie


    1. Thank you! Rob got it for me for Christmas!

  3. That picture of you and Rob cracks me up, but in all honesty you look SO gorgeous! Is your hair wicked dark right now?

  4. It looks like you had a fantastic December! I love it! Those NYE nails are gorg. And you and Rob are such a good looking couple! I hope your January is even better!

  5. Instagram is such a great way for people to capture little moments when you don't have a big camera with you. It looks like you had a great December. Hope 2013 is wonderful for you.
    xo, Maria

  6. Any reason for a lot of photos is just fine with me! Your December was a good one. :)

    Love the reading, the books, the holidays, and good times with Rob. What's on your reading list for this year?

  7. love the nails and the picture with the palm trees. i go to florida every christmas and they decorate the palm trees like that too! it's amazing. xo

  8. Looks like so much fun!!! Happy new year! 2013 is going to be awesome. :)

  9. So I just stumbled on your blog and I have to say I LOOOOVE it! :) its just so darn cute and adorable! loved seeing all of your instagram pictures, has anyone ever told you you look like zoey deschannel?

    Happy New Year!!


    1. Thank you so much! I do hear that from time to time! Happy New Year to you, too!

  10. Cutest blog! Just found it and so glad I did...italian/irish over here too ;)

  11. How do you combine the instagram photos? I have a blog & am trying to get it going. I want to to put up my photos but.. is there an app or special feature on Instagram that helps do this? Please let me know. :)

    1. I use Paint or a collage-maker on Picmonkey.com!

    2. The site is so easy to use! Thanks for the referral! =D


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