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One Night in Charlottesville

Monday, January 7, 2013

This weekend Rob and I spent a lot of time with our friend Chad, who is my old friend Patrick's fiance. Patrick is a PICU nurse and works nights a lot of the time, so he woke up around 5:00 PM on Saturday as we were all getting ready to go out to dinner together. Rob hadn't been feeling that great, and Chad and I were really tired, but we went to Mas Tapas, where we met my friend Emma for dinner. Later on, Rob and Chad and I headed to Bang! to meet our other friend Andrew and have some of their amazing martinis (I had the Espresso Tini and it was delicious).

Patrick got home from work around 8:00 AM, so he went to sleep and the rest of us, who were sort of up, just kind of napped the morning away. I finally got up a few hours later and took myself out for some breakfast. We had totally planned to go to all go to lunch together around 2:00, but poor Rob was feeling even worse and Patrick was still so tired, so Chad and I took a walk to get something for all of us and bring it back. It was such a lazy day, but I think we all needed it.

Rob was feeling feverish and not well enough to drive, so he planned to stay one more night and wait it out. I think having a sick significant other is one of the worst parts of being in a long distance relationship, and I hated leaving him like that; but it's so nice to have great friends like Patrick and Chad to watch over him for me when I had to head back.

Even with the flu, spending time with friends who seem more like family is pretty great. 
But I'm going to take some Vitamin C, just in case.

How was your weekend?


  1. Sometimes weekends like that are the best. Minus the sickness! I'm glad you got some relaxing in, it's always needed. I hope Rob is feeling better!

  2. That is a GORGEOUS house. Seeing things like that and relaxing with friends sounds like a great weekend (except for the flu, of course).

    Found you through the Blue Eyed Owl link up!

  3. My boss came to work sick (i.e. flew with the flu haha.) so I've been popping Airborne all day and drinking lots of water. I was sick for 10 days over Christmas (3rd Chrismtas in a row) so I don't need to get sick again. Me and colds really don't get along!


  4. Sick significant others is definitely the worst. But better than no time at all with them :-) Wishing Rob a speedy recovery!


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