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How Sweet It Is

Monday, April 1, 2013

My sweet friend Emily got married this weekend in Richmond, and I felt overwhelmed with gratitude that she invited me and Rob to be there to see it. Emily and I were both English majors at Longwood, and didn't really get to know one another until after I graduated and she was a senior. We had already been Facebook friends, but really only connected later through blogging. We started meeting for coffee whenever I was in town, and we'd talk and laugh and get teary-eyed as the hours passed and our lattes got cold and we got really serious about life and marriage and God and Harry Potter and politics.

And then one morning, I was in Farmville for the weekend, getting up early to see her present her senior seminar paper on The Bell Jar, and as she spoke with passion and excitement and answered questions about her topic in front of the room, I realized that she and I were actually real friends, and again I felt overwhelmed. How sweet it is to find yourself in such a random, special friendship.

I started this weekend early, on Friday morning, and I drove to Longwood to visit my brother and talk to a handful of my favorite professors from undergrad. I didn't realize it until I was driving away from campus just how perfect it was for me to stop by Longwood on my way to Richmond to see Emily. Farmville, Virginia is where so many good things begin--my education, my relationship with Rob, my friendship with Emily, and her relationship with her now husband, Robbie (another Economics-studying Robert, just by the way).

Emily and Robbie got married on Saturday and I don't know if I've ever seen any two people happier.
How sweet it is to see true love like that.

I dropped my Rob off at the airport on Sunday afternoon and drove home through the rain. It was warm and grey outside, and when the rain stopped the sun came out, and I rolled down the windows of my car. I've been having a really rough time lately. I've been sad and overwhelmed and negative a lot of the time. But seeing Emily this weekend reminded me that I can be positively intentional about a lot of my life. So as I drove, in the middle of my musings about spring; and my fond memories of college; and the thought of our bright, prosperous futures with the people we love the most; I took a deep breath from the cool, wet air outside and smiled.

How sweet it is.


  1. This is so lovely. I can't wait til my friends start getting married so I can experience it with them! Sounds like a perfect weekend. x

  2. What a beautiful weekend! I'm glad you're continuing to live with intention. Things will work out, transistional periods are the toughest. Hope you have a happy week!

  3. All of your posts are so thoughtful and beautifully written, but this is one of my absolute favorites.

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I love when a good friend gets married....these sorts of weddings are such an amazing reminder of how good life is :).

  6. Such a beautiful post. It's so wonderful to reflect on the blessings that life has brought us...especially when they come in the form of good friends!

  7. Beautiful post! And a perfect message for my "Monday" (I was off yesterday).

  8. Your friend Emily is lucky to have you!!! (This is Emily, BTW.) :) You are so thoughtful, sharp, and too gorgeous to actually be my friend. Miss our coffee dates all the time, but seeing you the other weekend made me feel like it hasn't been that long since our last one. :) Love you, friend!


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