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What I Wore 45: Wedding Season, Part One

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I have at least four weddings to go to this year, and I'm not complaining because weddings make me cry and dance and believe in love and wear pretty dresses. My friends at Jigsaw London were nice enough to send me a couple of dresses to wear for the first two weddings on my calendar.

I also have some gorgeous jewelry to show you in the next few weeks from Pame Designs. Everything Pam makes is gorgeous and I'm so excited to be working with her.

Necklace: Old
Romantic DressBorrowed from Jigsaw London...and blue!
(See what I did there?)
Shoes: J.Crew | Nail Color: Essie, Sand Tropez


  1. You look beautiful! I am so happy you're doing well. Sorry I've been out of touch recently! Miss talking to you! Next time in DC - please, please let's get a drink together! <3

  2. LOVE the dress - such a pretty, dark color.

  3. i love that dress - i actually saw it in the window of my local jigsaw and debated for a good 15 minutes about whether or not i should just walk in and buy it without trying it on (i had my toddler with me). the cut is just so cute and i love that it's navy (especially with my red hair). i may have to go back. i'm in a wedding this summer and would kill to wear navy. instead i'm on an endless search for a yellow dress - or a dress that is mostly yellow. which i think is super cute - just not so much on me....

    1. You need it! It fit me perfectly and was so comfy. And it's part of their green line, which I think is just so cool.

  4. I'm going to a wedding this weekend and have had such a hard time deciding what to wear - I love this combo and that bracelet!

  5. Love that dress and especially that bracelet! Glad you have more weddings to enjoy and pretty things coming your way. :)

  6. So pretty! I love how you have paired the jewelry with the simple black dress. It's really, rather perfect!

  7. You look so beautiful! Gorgeous dress, I love Jigsaw- so much of their stuff is so elegant!! xx

  8. You are so pretty, and that dress is lovely!

  9. you look lovely. Is that Mankin Mansion in Richmond?! We went there two summers ago for a wedding and it was so beautiful, i loved the life size chess pieces they have in the yard!

  10. Such a pretty classic dress! The nude shoes look really great with it and are perfect for spring.


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