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Wishing You a Peaceful Weekend

Friday, April 12, 2013

It's been quite a strange week, and that's all I'll say about that, as vague as it may be. I try to be intentional about realizing just how lucky I am--how good my life already is--but there are times when it's hard. This year has had its fair share of hurdles already, and I just hope that I'll soon start hitting my stride. Until then, I'll be getting as much fresh air as possible and reading deep into the infinite wisdom of dear E.E. Cummings.

[Tulips in Charlottesville, March 2012]

Spring is like a perhaps hand
E.E. Cummings

Spring is like a perhaps hand
(which comes carefully
out of Nowhere) arranging
a window, into which people look (while
people stare
arranging and changing placing
carefully there a strange
thing and a known thing here) and

changing everything carefully

spring is like a perhaps
Hand in a window
(carefully to
and fro moving New and 
Old things, while 
people stare carefully
moving a perhaps
fraction of flower here placing
an inch of air there) and

without breaking anything.


Tonight I'm having dinner with some wonderful girlfriends of mine, and tomorrow I'm off to DC for the day to shower Melissa with love as she fast approaches her upcoming wedding! And in just one week, I'll be in Minneapolis hanging out with Rob. The bright side, people. We've got to stay on it.


  1. That's just beautiful! It sounds like you have some uplifting things ahead...enjoy it!
    xx, Kristen

    The Mrs. and The Momma

  2. oh I'm sorry it's been rough! but it sounds like there are lots of bright sides too :)

  3. I needed this reminder to stay on the bright side. Feels like I've been succumbing to stress too often lately. Love your blog, and I too, am in a long distance relationship (going on 3 years now). Stay positive :)

    1. Oh thank you! Three years is long! You can do it!

  4. Lovely picture. I'm so sorry things are rough - I've been feeling the same way too. Last night even, just one small thing happened and I felt like how could more things possibly be thrown my way this year? Alas - staying positive is the only choice. We can do it!

  5. Have fun this weekend, friend :) I hope your days get brighter.

  6. Love E.E. Cummings - and the daffodils are out in full bloom in Charlottesville right now if you make a trip back any time soon!

  7. I hope you have a great weekend! I'll miss you girls so much... Keep your head up babe! XO Jenna

  8. Spring is a time of transition! So hopefully, the weirdness of this week will transition out for you :)

    Love good ole' Cummings. Thank you for sharing!

  9. I hope the hurdles aren't too crazy <3 e.e. cummings does a pretty good job of pulling you through, though.

  10. i've had a crazy year too, with three deaths in one month of loved ones. sometimes like just throws ya lemons, and you gotta make a lemon vodka drink or we're all screwed. keep you head up and think of what you have going for you, which is a lot!

    xo the egg out west.

  11. Happy peaceful weekend to you too! I love tulips. They're my favorite.


    Jules of Canines & Couture

  12. ...the greater the challenge, the sweeter the reward...see you tomorrow, Freckles!

  13. Yes, you have to stay on the bright side of things. There is a reason for everything and things will start to look up.

  14. Poetry always helps.


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